Paw & Order – Kitten P.I. Program wins $5,000 From Petco and Jackson Galaxy

They’re cute.

They’re cuddly.

They’re everywhere.

They’re KITTENS!

Those familiar with animal welfare know the phrase “Kitten Season” all too well. It’s the time of year when kittens are born to unfixed cats in our community and shelters are overwhelmed with baby cats. Although the idea of never-ending kittens sounds adorable, in reality, it is a big problem in Jacksonville.

Kitten intake in our shelters has been steadily climbing over the last few years. We are saving more kittens than ever before, thanks to progressive foster programs, neo-natal kitten nurseries, open adoptions, and community support – but the kittens keep showing up on our doorstep by the thousands each year.

Let’s look at the numbers:

In 2015, both JHS and our partners at Animal Care and Protective Services took in 5,927 kittens.

In 2016, 6,204 total kittens.

Now, in August of 2017 – only halfway through kitten season – a whopping 4,187 kittens and counting!

If the trend continues, kitten intake numbers will rise 5% each year, meaning that in 2020 over 7,000 kittens will come to Jacksonville shelters.  And remember – these are just the ones who arrive at the shelter, not the others born in the community.

How do we stop this avalanche of kittens?

JHS has a plan to empower community members to become Kitten Private Investigators! Every day, we see generous and compassionate citizens walk through the doors at JHS to help animals in need. The Kitten P.I. plan takes it one-step further, so that when someone walks in with a box of found kittens, we can help them find the adult cats responsible for these kittens and provide resources to have them spayed or neutered to stop rise of kittens in our community.

The JHS Kitten P.I. Program won a “runner-up” spot in the Petco Foundation & Jackson Galaxy Innovation Showdown and $5,000 to get this program up and running. Jackson Galaxy, the “Cat Daddy” himself, praised JHS for having one of the most innovative programs and challenged others to donate!

Continue the movement to slow kitten season with a donation today. Your generosity will provide life-saving resources for cats and kittens in our community.

Click here to give your donation and show Jackson Galaxy that you’re not kitten around when it comes to saving lives in Jacksonville!

Watch the Kitten P.I. Video with a special introduction by Jackson himself!

Thank you to the Petco Foundation and the Jackson Galaxy Foundation for giving $5,000 to our Kitten P.I. Program!

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