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Adopting Pets
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Adopting Pets


Q. How does the adoption process work? How much does it cost?
A. The process is fully described on the Adopting 101 page.

Q. Is there a way to see which pets you have available for adoption?

A. You can either come by our facility during normal visiting hours to look around, or view profiles and photos of our pets in our online adoption center.

Q. Do you visit my home before I can adopt a pet?
A. A home visit is not required prior to adopting. Our counselors will provide you with information to assist you in making your home a safe and healthy environment for both your new pet and your family.

Q. Do you have any pets other than cats or dogs available?

A. Very rarely. Our focus is cats and dogs.


Pet Care & Ownership


Q. Do you provide spaying/neutering, and if not, do you know who does?
A. Yes, you can visit our hospital page for more details.

Q. Can you help me with my dog’s behavior problems?
A. Visit our Pet Behavior section for information on training, literature and our free pet behavior helpline.

Q. My pet has gone missing. What advice can you offer me?
A. Visit our Lost & Found page for helpful tips and information.

Q. What can I do if I can’t keep my pet anymore?
A. Visit our Pet Safety Net page to see the options available to you.

General Information About JHS


Q. I heard about the devastating fire you had in April 2007. Is there anything I can do to help?
A. Thank you for your kind thoughts and support. Yes, you can make a donation here and read more about our new building here.

Q. What types of donations do you accept?

A. There are many different ways to give — please visit the Donate section for complete details.

Q. Do you use volunteers?

A. Yes. JHS volunteers give more than 27,000 hours to our organization each year. Read more about the program here.

Q. Do you offer tours or field-trips to your facilities?

A. Unfortunately, no. As a result of the 2007 fire, we had to discontinue our tour program due to space limitations. We look forward to resuming them when we build our new facility.

Q. How many animals are in your adoption center?

A. On average, we house approximately 400-450 animals in our adoption center at any given time.

Q. How many pets do you adopt out each year?

A. We find homes for approximately 5,000 animals each year.

Q. What do you do with pets that don’t get adopted?

A. JHS is a no-kill for space facility and does not euthanize healthy or treatable companion animals in our care. We pay close attention to their length of stay. If an animal has been with us for an extended period of time, we find creative ways to showcase and promote them.

Q. What is your relationship with the city’s Animal Care & Protective Services department?

A. Our number one priority is the animals in our community and helping them find their forever homes. Every week, we meet with Animal Care & Protective Services at their shelter and bring animals back to our adoption center.

Q. What is your relationship with First Coast No More Homeless Pets?

A. FCNMHP is an organization dedicated to eliminating the homeless pet crises in our community through spay/neuter education and low cost services to the public. They have several programs that benefit the community, and we embrace their efforts to educate the public on the importance of spaying & neutering. We also refer callers to them for low cost spay/neuter services. Their contact information is located on our Directories & Links page.

Q. How are you affiliated with the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA)?

A. The Jacksonville Humane Society is an independent 501(c)(3) organization and is not affiliated with any other local, state or national organization such as the Humane Society of the United States in Washington or the ASPCA in New York.  Because there are so many humane organizations with similar names, it is not uncommon for supporters of a local humane society to mistakenly believe monies they send to HSUS or ASPCA will automatically filter down to their local humane society. The Jacksonville Humane Society receives no guaranteed funding from either of these organizations.
Q. Do you receive government funding?

A. No, we do not receive funding from the state or federal government. We are not a United Way agency. All of our donations are provided through the generosity of individuals, foundations and corporations that support our cause.

Q. How do I get in touch with someone at JHS?

A. Please visit our company directory for a list of contact information.




Q. I found a lost pet/stray animal. What should I do?

A. Visit our Lost & Found page for helpful tips and information.

Q. Who should I call to report an injured or deceased animal in my neighborhood?

A. Call Animal Care & Protective Services via CityLink at 630-2489 and an Animal Control Officer will assess the situation.