Dog Day Out & Shelter Staycations

Dog Day Out | Shelter Staycation

Dog Day Out

Want to spend a day with a dog? Come to JHS! Our Dog Day Out program pairs visitors with adoptable dogs for an unforgettable adventure.

It’s easy – just follow these steps:

  • Come to JHS during adoption hours.
  • Look for dogs with the “Dog Day Out” tag on their kennel or ask the front desk for a list.
  • Pick your dog.
  • Hit the open road and explore Jacksonville!

JHS will provide you with an “adopt me” leash and other supplies. We will also provide a list of suggested places to visit, like Grub Kitchen and Bar, a JHS Paw Partner with a pup-friendly patio. Dog Day Out participants will receive coupons for a free doggie burger with the purchase of an entrée at Grub while supplies last.

Dogs can leave during adoption hours and must be back one hour before closing. JHS is open 12-7 weekdays and 10-5 weekends.

This program allows our dogs to enjoy a day outside of the shelter. At the end of the day, we ask that you send us pictures and share information to help us find this dog a new family. Pictures can be sent via email to or send directly via Facebook.

The program is free, but there is a suggested donation minimum of $20 to help JHS continue to provide compassionate care to pets in need. We ask that you abide by our requests that dogs stay on leash whenever outside and are not introduced to other dogs. Additional guidance will be provided during the field trip checkout process.

There is no pressure to adopt your Dog Day Out pup, but it is always an option.

Questions? Email for info.

Please note – during adoption specials, such as free or name-your-own-price adoptions, we will put a pause on the program. This is to benefit the dogs, as we get many, many adopters on these days. If you want to check ahead of time, send us an email. Thank you!

Shelter Staycation – Adult Dog and Cat Foster Program

Want to treat an adult shelter pet to a mini-getaway? You can bring a dog or cat home for a Shelter Staycation! Shelter Staycations give our adult pets a much-needed break from the shelter and help us learn all about their personalities. While hosting a pet for a Staycation, you can help them find a home by promoting them online and telling your friends and family all about them!

You can bring a pet home for a Shelter Staycation Monday through Friday. Dogs must be brought back to JHS every weekend and cats must be brought back to JHS every other weekend.

If you’re interested in hosting a dog or cat for a Shelter Staycation, use this link to tell us more about yourself.

After submitting the Staycation Sign-Up form, you will be asked to make an appointment come in and pick up your furry house guest!

Pets eligible for Shelter Staycation include dogs over 30 lbs and cats over 6 months of age.

Shelter Staycation FAQ:

Which animals are available?
Dogs over 30 pounds and cats over 6 months of age who are not already adopted or on a stray hold

How long is a Staycation?
For dogs, Staycations run Monday through Friday. The earlier in the week you book your appointment, the more time you’ll have with your new foster pup! For cats, Staycations are two (2) weeks in length to give the cats time to decompress in their new surroundings.

What can I do with my foster on a Staycation?
Anything you’d like! We do ask that you avoid dog parks and introducing dogs on leash.

Cats must stay indoors, on covered porches, or on enclosed patios.

How can I help my foster pet find a home?
There are several different ways to promote your foster pet and help them find a home! You could try…

…making social media posts.
…creating an Instagram or Facebook account just for your foster pet.
…taking lots of photos and videos of your foster pet to share in the JHS Virtual Foster Pet Meetup group or the Jacksonville Foster Pet Showcase group on Facebook.
…designing a poster or flyer to hang in vet clinics, at coffee shops, or on your pet’s kennel when they return to JHS.

What if I find someone interested in my foster pet?
If you find someone interested in adopting your Staycation foster pet, you can do a meet-and-greet on your own or meet the potential adopter at JHS, where our team can help facilitate the meeting.

To arrange a meet-and-greet at JHS, please email

If you do the meet-and-greet on your own and the potential adopter decides to adopt, we can process their adoption online and counsel them over the phone if necessary. Please email a photo of the adopter’s driver license to

What if I’m interested in adopting my foster pet?
Amazing! Please email as soon as you know and we can walk you through the adoption process.

What supplies come with my Staycation pet?
You’ll get a collar, leash, food, bowls, toys, litter, a litter box, and any extra enrichment items needed. We’ll also email you a packet of information with additional details for your Staycation.

How do I sign up?
Fill out this form, and it will direct you to schedule a pick-up appointment.

What can I expect at my pick-up appointment?
You’ll meet two (2) animals who we’ve picked out based on the information you gave us, and you can choose the pet who will be the best fit for your household. You’ll go home with your new foster pet the same day!

What does a drop-off appointment include?
When your Staycation is over and you return your foster pet to JHS, you will be asked to fill out a personality profile to help us learn more about them. Be sure to return any items you’ve borrowed from JSH at this time and bring us any swag you’ve made for your pet to help them get adopted (e.g. flyers or posters).