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Table of Contents


House and Crate Training

Dog Training 101

Crate and House Training Adult Dogs

Crate and House Training Your Puppy

Crate Training by expert Pat Miller

Making Crate Time Enjoyable for Your Dog

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Kids and Dogs

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Baby and doghow-kids-should-not-interct-with-dogs

Read More: Kids and Dogs

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Multi-Pet Households

Help for More Than One Dog in the Home

Introducing Dogs and Cats

Introducing Dogs and CatsSpanish

Introductions Among DogsSpanish

My Dogs Don’t Get Along

Teaching Your Dog to Respect Other Pets

The Basics of Playing

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Bringing Home Your New Dog

Crate and House Training Your Puppy

Introducing Puppy to New People

Exposing Your Puppy To New Things

My Dogs Don’t Get Along

My Puppy Is Teething

When Puppies Play Rough, What Humans Can Do

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Specific Issues

Canine Separation Anxiety by expert Pat Miller

Chase This, Not That

Counter-Conditioning My Dog’s Fears

Digging, Chewing And Barking

How To Counter-Condition

How To Train Impulse Control

How to Tell if My Dog is Stressed

Leash Etiquette

Nail Trimming For Senisitve Dogs

Teaching Good Beach Behavior to Dogs

The Truth About Humping


Which of these specific behaviors applies to your dog?

My Dog is Afraid of Thunder

My Dog Barks Too Much

My Dog Chews Everything

My Dog Digs Too Much

My Dog Doesn’t Like Going To The Vet

My Dog Doesn’t Like Other Dogs

My Dog Digs Too Much

My Dog Is Afraid Of Fireworks

My Dog is Nervous When I Leave

My Dog Fights at the Fence

My Dog Guards His Food/Toys/Person etc.

My Dog Has Separation Anxiety

My Dog Jumps on People

My Dog Marks with Urine

My Dog Is Mouthy

My Dog Needs Confidence

My Dog Needs Help During Playtime

My Dog Pees When Nervous or Excited

My Dog Has Prey Drive for Small Animals

My Dog is Reactive (to doorbell, strangers, other dogs, etc.)

My Dog Reacts Badly to Other When on the Leash

My Dog Reacts Poorly When Afraid

My Dog Is Scared

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Enrichment for Dogs

How to Clicker Train Your Dog

Basic Dog Training

Manners on the Leash – Stop Leash Pulling

Manners When Meeting New People

Preventing Behavior Issues

Recommended Trainers

Reward Based Training

Teaching Your Dog “Leave It”

Teaching Recall

Teaching Sit

Teaching Stay

Training – All The Basics for Dogs and Their Humans

Using Treats to Train

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Bringing Home Your New Dog

Building a Relationship

FAQs on Emotional Support Animals _ Animal Legal & Historical Center

Gentle Leaders & Front Clip Harness Instructions

Help for Deaf Dogs

Help for Sight Impaired Dogs

JHS Guide to Books and Online Resources

Pawsabilities – He Should Do It Because He Loves Me

Playing With Your Dog

Preventing Behavior Issues

Winter Weather Tips for Florida Pets

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Personal Help

Our behavior staff also works with pet owners that are struggling with their pet’s behavior. If you are experiencing behavioral issues with your dog or cat and don’t know what to do, call the Pet Behavior Helpline. Our trained staff can assist with many types of behavior problems. To utilize this free community service, call 904-493-4586 or email