Cat Behavior Library

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My Cat Bites and/or Scratches

My Cat Bites When We Play

My Cat Is Coming Home With Me For the First Time

My Cat Needs Litter Box Tips

My New Cat Needs to Meet My Resident Cat

My Cat Uses Her Claws

My Cats Don’t Get Along … Yet

My Cat and My Dog

My Cat is a Genius – How to Clicker Train

My Kids and My Cat

My Cat Has Litter Box Problems

My Cat Isn’t a Lap Cat … Yet

My Cat Pees On My Bed

My Cat Scratches My Furniture


How to Help Your Cat:

How to Bond With A Shy Cat

How to End Feline Spraying

How to Introduce 2 or More Cats

Introductions Among CatsSpanish

How to Cat & Kitten Proof Your Home

How to Properly Hold a Cat

How to Stop Destructive Scratching

How to Stop House Soiling

How to Stop Your Cat From Biting During Play

How to Stop Your Cat From Furniture Scratching

How to Read Cat Body Language


Our behavior staff also works with pet owners that are struggling with their pet’s behavior. If you are experiencing behavioral issues with your pet and don’t know what to do, call the Pet Behavior Helpline. Our trained staff can assist with correcting many types of behavior problems for both dogs and cats.To utilize this free community service, call 904-493-4586 or email [email protected].