Davi Gives Thanks

Some naysayers would argue that dogs don’t have the same ability as humans to show gratitude. As a dog, I beg to differ. In fact, a dog’s sense of loyalty is one of the species’ greatest qualities.

Remembering all the ways your dog shows gratitude is genuinely heartening. For me, remembering all the ways our neighbors show gratitude is truly inspiring. 

As the giving season gets started, we give pause to give thanks for the many people whose generosity allows the Jacksonville Humane Society to continue to raise awareness, inspire action and save the lives of animals in our community.

We’d like to acknowledge the volunteers, advocates, partners, and supporters for their many contributions to our organization. Giving is not just about making a donation. It’s about making a difference.

Pet Adopters, Amazon Wishlist Shoppers, Facebook Fundraisers, Rescue Groups, Pantry Pals, Media Partners, Kitten Crusaders, Foster Families, Group Dog Walkers, Grant Funders, Generous Donors, Education Participants, Paw Partners, Former and Current Board Members. 

May we always remember that it is in the connections that we make, the relationships that we forge, the love that we give, and the small acts of day-to-day kindness and generosity that joy may be found.