Dog and Puppy Fostering

Dogs and puppies of all ages need foster homes for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • Underage puppies
  • Mother dogs with puppies
  • Sick/ill dogs and puppies
  • Dogs/puppies who need socialization
  • Dogs who need to be promoted for adoption

JHS provides all necessary supplies and veterinary care.

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Dogs and Puppies in Need

Underage Puppies and Nursing Moms

Occassionally, we receive puppies under 8 weeks of age. They cannot stay in the shelter must go to foster homes. These puppies need a range of care. Some must be bottle fed every 2 hours, some are learning to eat and some can eat on their own.

The age of the puppy will determine how much time and attention it needs. We use these categories:

  • Bottle Babies – 0-4 weeks, eating formula from a bottle, need to be fed every 2-5 hours
  • Mush Babies  5-6 weeks, learning to eat on their own, may need supplemental help with a bottle
  • Eating on Their Own – 6-8 weeks, need access to fresh food, water, indoor space to potty, toys in an enclosed space and lots of human interaction
  • Nursing Moms and Babies – Dogs and puppies up to 6 weeks, the mother needs an enclosed space and food, water, and soft bedding so she can raise her babies


Sick or Injured Dogs and Puppies

Dogs and puppies who may have a common cold, a skin condition or a broken bone will heal much faster out of the shelter. They need a safe, enclosed space away from other pets and a loving foster parent.


Dogs and Puppies Who Need Socialization

Sometimes a dog or puppy may arrive at JHS who is nervous around humans. A foster home will help us learn more and find the best placement. A foster home can also provide positive human interaction.


Adult Dogs

Want to give an adult dog a break from the shelter? Treat a mature pup to a Dog Day Out or Shelter Staycation!

Khavi enjoying a day out in her Adopt Me gear.

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Adult Dog Fostering Opportunities

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