Emergency Response Fostering

If you are interested in fostering an adult pet, please complete this form, and we will reach out to you individually as needs arise.

The Jacksonville Humane Society often calls upon our community to foster pets during events such as hurricanes and COVID-19. We are so grateful to the community for always responding and support our lifesaving efforts.

During these times:

  • Answering the phone, replying to email and responding to social media requests is increasingly difficult for staff during urgent situations. Your patience is greatly appreciated.
  • All adoptions and fosters are done on-site unless otherwise directed. Please come in person.
  • We know that you may have other pets or children at home, or other special needs. If we know this information about a pet, we do our best to share it on their online profile and on the kennel card at our location. We will do our best to match you with the best pet for your home, but again, you must be here in person to take home a pet.
  • Fosters may be asked to hold pets for anywhere from 4 days to 4 weeks. If you are able and willing to market your pet (safely) to help him or her find a new home, that is wonderful. You will also have the first option to adopt your foster.
  • JHS will provide all supplies for as long as we are able.
  • To expedite the process, we suggest you bring a collar, leash or cat carrier.
  • Please familiarize yourself with JHS Foster Protocol for medical needs, including emergencies.

Your volunteer work as a foster parent is lifesaving during times of crisis in our community. Thank you!

Tools to Promote Your Foster Pet and Complete Adoption:

Tips for Meet and Greets During COVID-19: