Five Donations You’d Never Guess We Need

Donating is a great way to give back to your community. What better way to give back than to help animals in your local shelter?

Every shelter has a list of items that are needed for day-to-day functions around the shelter. Food, treats, kitten formula, litter, etc. But what about the unusual items that you wouldn’t even think about donating?

In celebration of Generosity Breeds Joy Day on November 9, we’ve put together an Unconventional Wish List featuring a ton of fun and unique things we regularly use here at JHS. You can purchase items from our Unconventional Wish List and send them directly to us by visiting

Here are five of the more unusual items that we use around our shelter that you would never know we need:

#1 Kitchen Twine – When dogs and cats are intubated during surgeries, we use kitchen twine to help secure the tubes to ensure the animals remain healthy and safe. We use it frequently for all the surgeries we do here at JHS.

#2 Bath Buddy – We utilize these while performing medical exams and giving our dogs a bath at JHS. We smear some peanut butter on the Bath Buddy and the dogs are distracted during vaccinations and bath time, making it safer for everyone involved.

#3 Pool Shock – Sometimes our animals can make a mess. Pool shock is a versatile cleaning agent used often in many aspects of JHS. We use it for its sanitizing purposes, like disinfecting kennels and sterilizing surgical equipment.

#4 Pet Corrector – We use Pet Corrector for the noise it makes. It helps when dogs get into a small scuffle or yelling match during doggy playgroups. The sound surprises them and then we are able to lead them to make better choices.

#5 Paper food trays – You know those paper trays hot dogs and nachos come in at sporting events and fairs? We use them as feeding dishes for cats who are in medical quarantine, as they are disposable and we don’t have to worry about the risk of disease transfer. We also use these as feeding dishes at large offsite events.

And don’t forget – animals in need can always use your time and talent. Perhaps you can’t adopt a new pet or make a large donation. That’s okay! Your generosity is still needed. Volunteering and fostering are two excellent ways to help animals with the gift of time. No time? No problem? Consider raising funds with your business or even having a Facebook fundraiser on your birthday. There is never a gift that won’t make a difference.

At the Jacksonville Humane Society, we are so grateful for our generous community. You never cease to amaze us with their giving spirit. Here a few helpful links to check when donating supplies to our organization: