Five Ways to Master Mutt March

So, you’re signed up for the Jacksonville Humane Society’s annual Mutt March. (Clearly, this means you are awesome.) But … not much has happened since you registered. You’ve shared it on Facebook a few times, but no one seems to be giving to your account. Here are few tips to boost your momentum:

#1 Share. Tell folks what you’re doing to help the animals. Your enthusiasm will inspire donations. Often, when we talk about animal rescue, people’s minds go to the sad-song commercials. (Cue the tears!) Mutt March is a great way to share the positive message of JHS’ good work in the community and motivate donors.

#2 Ask. Visiting Grandma? Having coffee with a friend? Just ask for their support. It can’t hurt. You’d be surprised how quickly your requests will turn into dollars.

#3 Solicit.  Post your fundraising link on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Never underestimate the power of emails and text messages. There are great tools in First Giving to help you – there are even sample emails you can personalize and send!

#4 Update. Keep sharing the message. Posting an update that you are only $20 away from $100 gives your donors a call to action instead of just another request. And it makes your donors proud!

#5 Thank. You can never say thank you enough. At JHS, we know that we can never thank you enough when it comes to your hard work supporting the animals. Let your donors know how much you appreciate their thoughtful gifts. (After all – you’ll want them to give again next year!)


We can’t wait to see your progress. Mutt March is shaping up to be better than ever. With your help, we can reach that goal of raising $100,000 for the animals – and if you’re not signed up, there is still plenty of time to register for this paw-some event!

Click here for more information about Mutt March!