From Peanut Butter to Reese – A Shy Dog’s Journey!

Peanut Butter—a timid mixed breed with a brindle coat, came to the Jacksonville Humane Society from another shelter. When he arrived he was very anxious in his new surroundings. He had trouble walking on his leash and was uncertain about meeting new people. Our behavior team quickly got together and figured out how to help Peanut Butter be the loving confident dog, they knew he could be.

Throughout his time at JHS, Peanut Butter interacted with different staff members and volunteers. Our team was determined to find him a family, so we began working with him on his people skills with lots of yummy treats! When it came to other dogs, Peanut Butter was very scared at first. But as time went on and he got comfortable with JHS, we noticed that he started to mingle with other dogs in playgroup rather than running away.

Peanut Butter learned very quickly that the staff and volunteers here at JHS have some of the best treats. Peanut Butter was rewarded for good social behavior and every time he walked on his leash. Some of his favorite treats the staff noticed were bacon strips and ironically, peanut butter.

One afternoon, after playing in the yard with one of our volunteers, Peanut Butter was drinking his water when he noticed two new prospective parents. He was still somewhat shy, but these prospective parents noticed something in Peanut Butter — hope.

Peanut Butter was adopted and as soon as he was brought into his new environment, he thrived! He quickly adapted to this change and was even ready to start posing for pictures. It was like watching a completely different dog. His family decided with a new life and a new dog, it was time for a new name. Peanut Butter transformed to Reese and is pawsitively loving his family.

While the process was slow, every day the staff and volunteers noticed progress. The love and patience they gave provided Peanut Butter with a second chance at happiness. The support of our donors and the community helps to ensure that every dog and cat that comes to JHS gets the love and attention they need to be the best pet they can be.

Here at JHS, we have a wonderful behavior team that is not only for our pets, but yours as well! Do you need some guidance or have a behavior concern? Make sure you visit our website, , for more information. You’ll find resources, a behavior library, training schedules, and contact information to help guide you and your pet through your journey.