Great Expectations

Everyday Heroes – A Devoted Mom

Ding! went the bell on our front desk in the administration building.

“Hello?” called a voice. “Is anyone here?”

I rounded the corner and ran into a giant ball of fluff. Behind the fluff was a human. Both the fluffy ball and the human smiled at me.

“Do you remember us?”

Since I don’t work in adoptions, I did not remember the person or the dog. But what happened next is something I won’t forget.

The woman’s name was Loretta and the fluff was a gorgeous husky-shepherd mix named Kona. Loretta adopted Kona from JHS back in December. She brought him in for us to see how well he was doing. Kona certainly charmed the ladies in our admin office, and then his mom shared something that made us smile.

“I just want people to know that there is no such thing as a perfect pet. You have to give animals time to remember how to be a pet again – how to live in a house and be a part of the family.”

Turns out Kona presented some challenges to his new mom when he first arrived home. He had some destructive behaviors and a few medical issues, but Loretta said she was committed to him and that he’s doing better every day.

Pets are like people. For some, transitions are easy and change is welcome. For others, transitions are difficult and change is daunting. Regardless of how your pet reacts after you adopt, every day with your family is better than a day in the shelter.

It’s important to measure your expectations for any new pet you bring home. Just because the first few days aren’t great, doesn’t mean that the future is bleak. Give your pet time to adjust and relax. Go slow – it’s a big day for both of you. With your support, your pet can make big improvements, feel safe, and become their very best. Keep working with your pet and you will be rewarded.

The Jacksonville Humane Society is steadfast in our mission of helping people and pets. Do you have behavior concerns about your pet? Let us help! Reach out to our behavior staff via the hotline, or use the resources in our behavior library.

Kona loves his mom because she is his hero. And Loretta wouldn’t have it any other way.