Legacy Society

JHS Legacy Society – Honoring Life with Love

JHS sends our most sincere gratitude to our legacy society members, who selflessly chose to leave the Jacksonville Humane Society in their final estate. Your financial support and love mean so much and will impact many deserving dogs and cats, even after you depart this life.

To learn how you can join our Legacy Society, please use this link.


  • Betty L. Donahue
  • Mistie Kowkabany


  • Grace Aldrich Anderson
  • Joyce Hall Arnold
  • Virginia Duncan
  • Margaret Jean Foster
  • Alice B. Gegyo
  • Milton Johnson
  • Clark A. Ritchie
  • Nathan Slate
  • Otto I. Storer, Jr.
  • Eleanor C. Stone
  • George Zellner, Jr.


  • Joy Bowen
  • Robert R. Drashin
  • Kimba Gay Etheridge
  • Charlotte Gill
  • Patricia Hudson
  • David Lehmann
  • Nancy McDoanld
  • Dorothea Morrison
  • Dorothy Nicol
  • Nancy Ratnour


  • David Bruce Cadenhead
  • Susan C. Ebbs
  • George Tennant Hodgkinson
  • Kerry Anthony Ludwig
  • Howard N. Parks
  • Irvin “Pete” & Saralee C. Peters
  • Ralph F. Phillips, Jr.
  • Helen T. Searle

Generosity breeds joy.