Cat and Kitten Fostering

Cats and kittens of all ages need foster homes for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • Underage kittens
  • Mother cats with kittens
  • Sick/ill cats and kittens
  • Cats/kittens who need socialization
  • Cats who need to be promoted for adoption

JHS provides all necessary supplies and veterinary care.

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*We communicate all foster needs via email. Please check your email after you have applied for the following steps. 

Cats and Kittens in Need

Underage Kittens and Nursing Moms

Our biggest need every year is for kittens who weigh less than 2 pounds. They cannot stay in the shelter must go to foster homes. These kittens need a range of care. Some must be bottle fed every 2 hours, some are learning to eat and some can eat on their own. (Sign up for an upcoming JHS Bottle Baby Kitten Training. Note: Due to COVID-19, upcoming trainings will take place online using Microsoft Teams.)

The age of the kitten will determine how much time and attention it needs. We use these categories:

  • Bottle Babies – 0-4 weeks, eating formula from a bottle, need to be fed every 2-5 hours
  • Mush Babies  5-6 weeks, learning to eat on their own, may need supplemental help with a bottle
  • Eating on Their Own – 6-8 weeks, need access to fresh food, water litter box, toys in an enclosed space and lots of human interaction
  • Nursing Moms and Babies – Cats and kittens up to 6 weeks, the mother needs an enclosed space and food, water, and litter so she can raise her babies


NEW! Foster First Responders

First responders assist the shelter on a nightly basis by taking our tiniest kittens home for the night, feeding and providing TLC, then returning them to the shelter the next morning. It’s a great option if you cannot commit to several weeks.

Signing-up is easy! Text the phrase @jhsfos to 81010 or register for our text messages with this link to get started.

View the First Responder flyer for more info.

Sick or Injured Cats and Kittens

Cats or kittens who may have a common cold, a skin condition or a broken bone will heal much faster out of the shelter. They need a safe, enclosed space away from other pets and a loving foster parent.


Cats and Kittens Who Need Socialization

Sometimes a cat or kittens may arrive at JHS who is nervous around humans. A foster home will help us learn more and find the best placement. A foster home can also provide positive human interaction.


Adult Cats

Want to give an adult cat a break from the shelter? Treat a mature feline to a Shelter Staycation in your home!

Left: Gizmo in the shelter. Right: Gizmo in his foster home. Fostering is life changing!

Ready to start?
Kitten Foster Application
Adult Cat Fostering Opportunities

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