Jaguars Player Adopts Dog After 359 Days in the Shelter

When she first arrived at the Jacksonville Humane Society on a sunny afternoon, Samira wasn’t sure if she was ready to adopt a dog. But she didn’t think it would hurt to take a look around …


Meanwhile, inside the kennels, a black and white terrier mix named Gloria lay on her bed and wondered if today would be the day that a family decided to take her home.  Gloria had been left in the yard when her owners moved away, and was taken to the shelter.


Since then, she had spent many nights in her kennel, waiting for a family. The shelter was stressful for Gloria, and she would bark almost endlessly as if to say, “Hey Guys! Pick me!” Once she was out of the kennel, Gloria blossomed into the loving, goofy, playful dog that the staff knew and loved.


However, after so many days at the shelter, Gloria was starting to lose hope. The kennel began to put a strain on Gloria physically and mentally. She started to refuse going back in the runs, and her BFF staff member, Dylan, would lovingly carry her inside every time.


Glloria & her BFF Dylan.

Would this afternoon be any different for Gloria?  It had been a long 359 days since she first arrived at the shelter, and she wasn’t sure how much longer she could wait …


Samira was moved by how many animals were in need, and asked the staff how she could help. We mentioned that we were hoping someone would take Gloria, even just to give her a break from the shelter for a few days. With just one look, Samira decided to take Gloria home for a trial sleepover.


She called her boyfriend, Jacksonville Jaguars Defensive Tackle, Sheldon Day, who immediately agreed. The staff wished Gloria good luck on her adventure, and Dylan reminded her to be a good girl.


After a few weeks, Sheldon and Samira decided that Gloria absolutely needed to become a permanent addition to their home! They completed her adoption paperwork and sweet Gloria now spends her days cheering for her dad and her favorite team, the Jaguars!


JHS sends a big round of a-paws to Sheldon and Samira for opening their hearts and home to dog that no one else wanted. Generosity truly breeds joy.


Gloria’s Facebook Video
Gloria’s Facebook Plea
Gloria as the Poster Child
Gloria’s Selfie
Gloria & Her BFF Dylan
Gloria’s Adoption Picture
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