Kitten Krusader: Success Story

Have you ever heard of the Kitten Krusader program?

Thanks to a grant from Maddie’s Fund, the Jacksonville Humane Society is able to provide and take part in a collaborative program between veterinarians throughout the community, along with Good Samaritans to help reduce the number of kittens entering the shelter system.

When Mary, a local resident, came by to the Jacksonville Humane Society, she was in quite a predicament. She found 2 mother cats and their 10 kittens making a total of 12 cats! Mary, an animal lover, wanted to do her best to help both mother cats and kittens. When Mary stopped by, JHS was able to work with her and the Kitten Krusader’s to keep the cats and kittens out of the shelter.


JHS was able to connect Mary with one of our Kitten Krusader partners, Miramar Animal Hospital, to provide medical care for the kittens and mothers. Miramar Animal Hospital generously provided each kitten their vaccines, deworming, and spay/neuter. Miramar even went above and beyond the collaborative program to treat a urinary tract infection for one of the kittens! Both mother cats received vaccinations and were spayed (once the kittens were weaned!)

When the kittens were ready to find a new home, Mary was able to use JHS’ free rehoming program to find homes for 9 of the kittens by posting online and bringing them to the past MEGA adoption event at the Fairgrounds.

As for the 10th kitten… she was adopted by Mary!

It’s because of amazing support and collaborations in the community that allows stories such as these to become successful and provide happy endings. Special thanks to Mary, our Kitten Krusader Partners, and the community for helping make this possible.



Written by: Natalie Anderson, JHS Intern.