You’ve Cat to be Kitten Me

Kittens. You can’t go on Facebook these days without kittens somehow finding their way onto your screen. Whether it’s a funny video or snarky meme, those sneaky little fur balls are everywhere – hiding behind curtains, sleeping on iPads, pouncing on dogs – it’s a non-stop comedy routine.


And here at JHS, non-stop is our daily experience. Every day during “Kitten Season” we receive underage kittens who are too little to thrive in the shelter setting.

Kitten Season is the term given to the time of year when kittens arrive at shelters by the thousands. From where do these fuzzy ninjas come? It might be your neighbor’s unfixed family pet or a stray cat who found herself in the family way. According to statistics from the ASPCA, a cat can average 2 litters per year and each litter can average 4-6 kittens. That’s a lot of YouTube videos. And a lot of orphaned kittens.



They have the potential, but without a home, will these little ones make it to internet stardom? At JHS, we give them every chance. And one of those chances can be with you. Sign up today and become a foster parent. Here’s what it takes:

  1. Pick up the kittens and any needed supplies from JHS.
  2. Keep the kittens at your home and (here’s the best part) help them thrive and learn to be cats! Many fosters keep them in a spare room or bathroom, and label it “Kitten Therapy Room.” How marvelous – no co-pay.
  3. Bring the kittens in to JHS every 2 weeks for veterinary check-ups, boosters, and vaccines – at zero cost to you!
  4. Once kittens reach 8 weeks, return them to JHS for adoptions. (Yes, you can find them homes in the meantime, or even adopt yourself! All kittens can go to their new homes from JHS after spay/neuter surgery.

A very serious need are foster parents who can help with kittens who need to be bottle fed. We call them “bottle babies” and they must leave the shelter the same day they arrive. It’s a fun and rewarding experience. Take a look:

Are you ready to make the leap from kittens on your screens to kittens in your home?  Please complete this profile and return it to our office in person, or via email: foster[at] Don’t wait – do it right meow!


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