Lost and Alone to Loved in a Home

Just one look and they knew – this dog needed help.

Out in the Florida heat a group of people from Modis, an IT service management company, spotted a poor pup in the parking garage of their workplace downtown and immediately knew he needed saving. He was severely dehydrated, malnourished and they knew it was necessary for him to go to a place where he could get the essential aid. They brought him to JHS. On the way over they decided to call him Modis, after their employer and the iconic building in the Jacksonville skyline.


Modis with the group from Modis on his first day at JHS.


Modis before his treatments.


While Modis was seeing our veterinarian, every member of Modis’ team was waiting for him out in the lobby. When it was discovered that he had heartworms and would need treatment, the entire Modis team wanted to pool the money together for his recovery but came up short. He also needed to be neutered and vaccinated. One member, Carmela Nuetzi, wanted to help Modis even further by adopting him but was worried about the costs. Since Carmela was going to care for Modis in her home while he recovered, JHS was able to cover the remaining costs of his treatment. This kept Modis out of the shelter and provided an empty kennel for another dog in need.


Modis before his neuter surgery.


Modis giving kisses to the staff.


A few weeks later Modis came back into JHS for his heartworm treatment and he was unrecognizable. In just those few short weeks of receiving care, he had become a healthier and happier dog.


Modis coming in a few weeks later for his heartworm treatment.


A happy and healthy Modis!


Modis is now doing great with his new mom, Carmela, thanks to the generosity of many. Generosity brought Modis to safety, provided veterinary treatment and helped him find a loving home. As we say at JHS – generosity breeds joy. 

By: Sarah Campbell