Love Saves Lives

Love saves lives – do you agree?

Has your love saved the life of a dog or cat? Has the love from a pet ever saved you?

This Giving Tuesday, December 3rd, 2019, we’re asking you to show the world that you believe in love. By making a donation to JHS in support of love, you will help save …

Heroes like Justin, one of our volunteers who proudly serves in the U.S. Navy. When he was stationed in Jacksonville, Justin devoted more than 1,100 hours to walking dogs in less than a year. He quickly became our go-to guy for helping some of our more challenging dogs. The dogs’ progress with Justin helped them find homes, making him a hero to us all.

Buddies like Kaiya, one of our Pawsitive Readers. Reading to the dogs and cats at JHS helps them relax and provides quality enrichment. Kaiya is here almost every Friday to read to her best buddies – the big dogs in our adoption suites.

Companions like Harry, whose owner, John, brought him to JHS after their home was destroyed by a hurricane. John thought his only option was to surrender Harry to JHS.  Instead, we were able to provide emergency boarding for Harry through our Pet Safety Net program while John found a new home and then reunite them a few weeks later. Now, these two will always be together.

Friends like Audrey and her pals, who come to JHS and take a dog on an adventure with our Dog Day Out program. Not only is this a great way to make memories with friends, but it’s a wonderful enrichment activity for our dogs to help them find new families. Although Audrey can’t adopt a dog right now, sharing the love is lifesaving for the friends in our kennels!

Families like David’s, who chose to adopt a senior, special needs dog. David’s love for his new parents filled them with such joy that they saved another life by adopting a new doggy sister for David named Sadie. David and Sadie now have a family to share their love.

Lives like this precious little kitten, one of the more than 3,000 orphaned babies who arrived at our door in 2019. With the support of foster parents and adoptive families, JHS was able to save the lives of these neonatal cats, who are more at risk than any other animal in a shelter. In saving them, love continues to grow and save both pets and people in our community.

Love is lifesaving. If you agree, please join us on Giving Tuesday and make a gift with love!