Meant to be

Grab the tissues because this story’s about to tug at your heartstrings.

Meet Keiser. Four years ago his owner, Sandra, was packing up to move across the country when Keiser escaped the yard he was in. After tirelessly searching for her best pal, she unfortunately couldn’t find him before she moved to Washington.

Keiser before he went missing.

Keiser and his “girlfriend” before he went missing.

Four years later and back in Jacksonville, Sandra found herself at JHS with her kids to give our animals some love. While she was here, Sandra noticed a familiar face. Not believing that it could be her long lost pal, she pulled up old pictures of her Keiser and compared the white markings and discovered that this dog in our shelter was indeed her dog that went missing.

Sandra adopted Keiser for the second time and learned he was picked up as a stray.

“Four years of wondering what happened to him and he was finally back.”

A happy Keiser after being back with his family.

Before they rode off into the sunset together, Sandra updated his microchip information to insure his return if he ever went missing again. Despite being gone for so long, Keiser had no trouble integrating back into life with his family. He even remembered all the old tricks Sandra taught him before he went missing!

“Keiser is doing fantastic back home. It’s like he hasn’t even left.”

Keiser making up for lost snuggles!

Keiser with his family!

We wish them all the best!


Make sure your pet is microchipped with your current information in order to insure they make their way back to their best friend if they ever find themselves without you. If your pet is microchipped, notify the company and make sure your contact information is current. If you adopted from JHS recently, your pet was registered with this website:


For more information about what do to if your pet is lost, check out


By: Sarah Campbell