Help Stop Puppy Mills by Adopting from the Jacksonville Humane Society

Protect Yourself from Unknowingly Adopting from an Operation that Supports Inhumane Treatment of Animals

Jacksonville, FL – The Jacksonville Humane Society (JHS) is promoting the humane treatment of animals by taking a stand against puppy mills. JHS is encouraging people to adopt animals from a shelter instead of buying from a pet store or other organization that sells dogs bred in a puppy mill.

Puppy mills are mass dog-breeding operations where animals are subject to unsanitary conditions and a lack of veterinary care and often suffer from health and / or behavioral problems. Puppy mills will continue as long as people purchase puppies from pet stores and other outlets that do not practice humane treatment of animals.

“We believe that every animal born deserves to be treated humanely, including those born into puppy mills,” said Leona Sheddan, executive director of the Jacksonville Humane Society. “However, as long as people continue to purchase dogs raised in puppy mills, those puppy mills will continue to operate.”

Puppy mills are located throughout the country. According to The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), several hundred thousand puppies are shipped across the country to be sold in pet shops, newspaper classifieds or Internet sites. HSUS says most puppies sold in pet stores come from puppy mills.

The sales are often accompanied by false claims, saying their puppies do not come from a puppy mill. Puppies raised in puppy mills are also often advertised as “home raised,” “farm raised,” or “raised with kids / grandkids.” False advertising by puppy mills is designed to encourage well-intentioned adopters to buy puppies from puppy mills, keeping the puppy mill system in operation.

Some dogs at puppy mills are considered “breeding stock.” Those dogs live their entire lives in cages and are continually bred for years. They do not receive human companionship, receive little or no veterinary care, and are not provided with beds, treats or toys. Breeding animals are often killed, abandoned or sold to another mill after their fertility wanes.

“If you are looking to adopt a puppy, please try an organization that encourages the humane treatment of animals, like a humane society or reputable rescue group,” said Sheddan. “Many breeders are also great places to adopt, but make sure they have the puppy’s best interests in mind and show you the dog’s veterinary records, explain about caring for your new pet and provide references from other families who have purchased puppies from them.”

Watch video of the Humane Society of the United States saving nearly 700 dogs from a Tennessee puppy mill in June of 2008.
About the Jacksonville Humane Society

The Jacksonville Humane Society is a non-profit center for animal welfare and education. The organization is dedicated to finding loving, permanent homes for animals by matching people with the pet that is right for them. The Jacksonville Humane Society offers numerous educational opportunities, programs and services to foster the humane treatment of animals.