Keep Your Pets Warm and Healthy This Winter

As temperatures drop throughout Northeast Florida, the Jacksonville Humane Society is reminding owners to keep pets warm, especially animals that live outside.


  • People should remember that even though animals have fur, they are quite susceptible to the cold.
  • Animals must have adequate shelter from cold, wind and moisture during the winter.
  • Low temperatures can increase a pet’s risk of infectious diseases, so it is extremely important to bring your pet inside or shelter them in a well-built doghouse, tool shed or garage.
  • Insulate your pet’s shelter with deeply bedded straw or blankets.
  • Make sure your animal has fresh water at all times and that the water does not freeze.
  • Pets may need additional food to sustain their body temperature when it is cold. Check with your veterinarian to decide if your animal needs additional food during cold weather.