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Meet the JHS Spokespets of 2020!

Riley: Riley is a 15-year-old beagle mix that was found as a puppy wandering the streets of the north side. She is a tough old girl that has had reconstructive surgery on her rear left leg and also had a cancerous tumor removed from her front paw. She has been cancer-free for five years now. In her younger years, she loved playing catch with the Frisbee but is now content to take a short walk or lay on her pillow looking out the window. Her resiliency continues to amaze us and we love to see her big smile which has earned her the nickname of “Smiley Riley”.

Petey: Petunia (“Petey”) is a funny, stubborn, two-year-old pitbull terrier and bulldog mix that loves to play with her toys as well as everyone else’s. She joined the Lueck family in December of 2018 and was adopted right from JHS! She quickly established the role of “best friend” and “frequent co-conspirator in the lives of 4 pre-teen children. Petey is loved by all and is “the most cuddled dog in America” according to her new family. Petey occupies her downtime with games of fetch, proactive de-training, and the curation of her shoe collection. Petey is a big dog full of charisma and spunk, loved and valued by her family and everyone she meets!


What does it mean to be a JHS Spokespet?

  • Featured on the JHS Holiday Card
  • Featured on the website
  • Featured on JHS social media
  • Special honors at Mutt March


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