LifesavingU Lodge Opens Thanks to Petco Love & Local Community Support

We unveiled our newly-reconstructed LifesavingU Lodge with a joyous ribbon-cutting ceremony. The LifesavingU Lodge, made possible thanks to a Lifesaving Impact Award from Petco Love, will be a place for vet interns and externs to stay during their programs, housing for those traveling to participate in Florida Leaders in Lifesaving University program, and an emergency shelter for staff during disasters.

Our lodge would not have been possible without the extreme generosity, kindness and commitment of our sponsors and donors. Our tremendous gratitude goes to  Petco Love for breathing life into our vision. It would not have been possible without their generous gift.

When walking into LifesavingU Lodge, you immediately feel at home and that is allowed to IKEA who provided every piece of furniture along with their design eye. Thank you for giving our future guests such comfort!

The renovation was designed by the amazing crew at Auld & White, who also designed our new shelter building! This project was labor-intensive and could not have been completed without the help of Lowe’s Home Improvement who provided flooring, fencing, and landscaping services. First impressions last and we know ours will be a good one thanks to them.

You all have helped bring this JHS dream to fruition, and every single life saved by the people who pass through these rooms will be because of you.

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