The Jacksonville Humane Society Offers Five Tips to Protect Pets this Independence Day

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (June 30, 2009) – The Jacksonville Humane Society (JHS) is urging people to remember their furry friends this Fourth of July. The organization is offering five tips to keep pets safe during holiday festivities.

“Many families lose their pets on the Fourth of July,” said Danya Parks-Freel, operations director at JHS. “Following a few simple steps can help keep your pet safe on Independence Day.”

Parks-Freel offers the following tips for pet owners:

  • Remember to provide your pet with a quiet and safe place during holiday festivities. Loud blasts, such as fireworks, can frighten animals causing them to run away.
  • Leave your pet home during fireworks displays. Because pets are often scared of loud noises, it is best not to bring them to Independence Day events.
  • Never leave your pets in the car. Cars can heat to deadly temperatures in minutes, even if the windows are cracked or parked in the shade.
  • Don’t leave your pets outside and unattended. Startled animals can jump fences and get lost or injured trying to find refuge from loud noises.
  • Ensure your pets always wear identification. If your pet goes missing, people can easily find your name and phone number on your animal’s tag.

“If you find a dog or cat, you should always take the pet to the City of Jacksonville’s Animal Care & Control (AC&C) department,” said Parks-Freel. “AC&C serves as a central clearinghouse for all missing and stray animals in the River City. This makes it easier for families to find missing pets and reunite them with their owners.”

About the Jacksonville Humane Society

The Jacksonville Humane Society, founded in 1885, serves more than 4,000 animals each year. JHS is a non-profit center for animal welfare and education that serves as a resource for all companion-animal related issues. The organization is dedicated to finding loving, permanent homes for animals by matching people with the pet that is right for them.

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