Overcoming Challenges Together

When Chaz arrived at the Jacksonville Humane Society, the staff instantly knew that he needed special attention. Chaz was very afraid and would jump whenever he heard unfamiliar noises. He was very mouthy on his leash and would shake in his kennel. It was difficult for adopters to see his true personality when he was so anxious.

Thanks to a grant from the ASPCA, JHS has a program called “Promote A Pet” that recruits foster parents to serve as Adoption Ambassadors to help pets just like Chaz. We put out a plea for Chaz and it caught the eye of an Army veteran named Travis.

Travis could relate to Chaz’ fears because he served three tours overseas. Transitioning back to life in the States after living in a war zone was not easy, and Travis knew just what Chaz needed. The two became good buddies. Chaz eventually grew so confident under Travis’ wing that he could go to public places, like restaurants and parks, proudly wearing his “Adopt Me” vest.


One day, Travis met someone who worked from home, who was looking for a dog to help them live a more active lifestyle. He knew that Chaz would be a great fit! Thanks to Travis, Chaz was in a new, loving home just in time for Thanksgiving. Without his Adoption Ambassador, it’s likely that Chaz would still be a little ball of fear in his kennel at the shelter. Thank you to Travis and the ASPCA for helping Chaz find his second chance!

To learn more about how you can become an Adoption Ambassador in our Promote A Pet program,  read more here … 

The Promote A Pet program for Adoption Ambassadors is proudly funded in-part by a grant from the ASPCA!