4 Pet Safety Tips for July 4th

Oh say can you see … 

There’s nothing quite like a July 4th celebration. Barbecue, cold drinks, friends, family and of course – fireworks! Celebrating America’s independence can pose dangers for pets, but with these 4 simple steps, both you and your pet can safely enjoy the Fourth of July.


Avoid All Fireworks

Fireworks, like thunder, can cause extreme anxiety for some pets. Protect your pets by putting them in a secure space indoors, and turn on music to drown out the noise. Don’t bring your pet along to an outdoor fireworks event, even if they normally do well in a crowd. When it comes to pets and fireworks – just don’t do it.

This helpful tip from Purina that can be used during fireworks and storms.



No Table Scraps

We all enjoy giving pets a treat, but remember that “people food” is not pet food for a reason. Many common picnic items can lead to upset stomachs and even poisoning. Stick to regular treats for pets and remind guests to do the same.

Pets and Bar-B-Ques don’t mix! Picture Credit: dogue.com.au.



Beat the Heat

Fun in the sun has a different meaning for dogs and cats. Even on a cloudy day, the humidity and heat index can put pets at risk. To keep your pets safe always have fresh water available, give plenty of breaks in the air conditioning and never leave your pets in the car! Know the signs of heatstroke (excessive panting, blue/purple gums, drooling, lethargy) and contact your vet if your pet is exhibiting these symptoms. Looking for a unique way to help your pet stay cool? Try our DIY Pupsicles.

Pets are cool, help them stay that way! Picture credit: petswelcome.com


Show Some ID

Many pets go missing on July 4th and during the summer time after being frightened by fireworks or thunder. Make sure your pet is wearing a collar with current ID tags and your pet’s microchip is up to date. Does your pet need a microchip? Call the JHS Hospital at 904-493-4611 to make a microchip appointment today.

Microchips and ID tags help reunite pets with families every day. Photo Credit: JHS Staff Member.


Get the App

The ASPCA Missing Pet Prevention App is an extremely useful tool for pet loss prevention. You can create a profile for each pet including microchip information. If a pet goes missing, the app will create a personalized recovery plan based on your pet’s species, circumstances and personality. The app also has useful tools for disaster preparedness. Download the app at aspcaapp.org or find it in the App Store!

Available Now In the App Store and Google Play! Download today: aspcaapp.org


One more important thing to know about July 4th – it’s a wonderful time to adopt a pet! The Jacksonville Humane Society usually runs an adoption pricing special. Click here to view our calendar of events.

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