Cat DIY Puzzlebox Toy

Curiosity cured the kitty! Did you know that engaging your cat’s mind will help him or her alleviate stress, and can help to eliminate behaviors such as scratching, clawing, or litter box issues? Give it a try with your very own puzzle box! Puzzle boxes are easy to make with a few common household items. They will keep your kitty entertained, happy, and healthy.

Materials Needed:


  • Empty toilet paper rolls (or paper towel rolls cut to size)
  • An empty shoe or tissue box
  • Catnip
  • Cat treats
  • Toys, feathers, pom pom balls, pipe cleaners … items your cat would enjoy!


Step 1: Prep the box!

  • Carefully place the toilet paper rolls in the box so they are snug and secure- building from the bottom up.

Step 2:  Fill the box!

  • Place treats, toys, and catnip inside the rolls. Be sure to do this randomly – so each item found is new and exciting.


Step 3: Give the box!

  • Once you have finished making the box, introduce it to your cat.
  • Some cats will immediately start investigating with their paws and nose. However, others may need encouragement. To do this, simply show your cat a toy, allow them to play with it for a few seconds, and then put the toy in one of the rolls. If that doesn’t work – try rubbing the toy in catnip.
  • Your cat may pull out the rolls and play with them while hunting for toys – that’s fine. You can always reconstruct the box time and again with new items to keep your kitty interested.



They may not like to play fetch or go for a run with you, but cats still need mental stimulation and physical activity to stay healthy. The healthier the cat, the happier the cat. And cat owners know how important it is to keep your cat happy! For more great DIY ideas that you can do for your pets, check out the JHS Pinterest.