Thanks to a generous grant from our friends at Dolly’s Dream Fund, JHS was able to launch our first-ever “Dolly’s Dream School” for dogs at JHS. Led by a certified trainer, these lucky pups were selected for a four-week training session. The dogs attended with a JHS volunteer and they got 4 special training classes. They learned a lot of new skills including sit, come when called, stay, and leash manners. These honored dogs come with sponsored adoption fees and also go home with awesome dog supplies. If the dog was adopted during the four weeks, their new parents could continue the training class at no cost, thanks to Dolly. Here are a few of the dogs who ended up getting adopted after completing school:




Harper is a sweet girl who was looking for a loving family. She wasn’t getting a lot of attention at first but once the Dolly’s Dream School tag was put upon her kennel with all of her training info she was adopted shortly after by this wonderful family. She learned a lot of new commands during school which allowed her to become the best girl she can be. She is just one great example of how Dolly’s Dream School can change a dog’s life. On May 5th, 2019 Harper was adopted by her lovely family pictured above! On the left is a picture of just one of the many tricks she learned during her time at Dolly’s Dream School. We couldn’t be more proud of Harper. And we’re so happy her new siblings decided to attend our summer camp this year as well. The best family for the best girl, Harper!



Chicken Strip:

Chicken Strip is one of our more unique Dolly’s Dream School graduates. He was one of the older boys that we have had at the shelter throughout the years since he was 10 at the time he was here. His age did not affect him from being the best boy though. He loved learning new tricks and showing off his skills. He was a very calm and patient dog, which made him a perfect candidate for adoption. That’s why on April 20th, 2019 he was adopted! His wonderful parents are pictured above with him, along with an adorable picture of Chicken Strip participating in school. After he was adopted his new parents even kept attending the classes with him! We are so happy he found a great family to spend the rest of his days with.




Charlie was one of our more energetic boys during his stay here at JHS. He was very eager to learn and quick to pick up new skills during class. He was super outgoing and full of energy which drew his new parents to him! During Dolly’s Dream School classes, Charlie learned how to sit, stay and come when called. He loved to show off his new tricks. He came to the class with his foster parents and they loved him so much, they ended up adopting him! We are so proud of this good boy. Charlie’s new parents are pictured attending the class with him above.




Tinkerbell was one of the sweetest girls we’ve ever had participate in Dolly’s Dream school. She was very loving and easy-going. According to her volunteer trainers in Dolly’s school, she was one of the calmest dogs you would ever meet! She loved getting attention and did very well in school. She got along with children really well and was able to participate in the summer camp activities with the camp kids. Tinkerbell was so happy to finally find a home! She is pictured above with her new mommy.


JHS is immensely grateful to Dolly’s Dream Fund for creating Dolly’s Dream School and for making this possible. Because of your support,  each amazing pup was adopted into a wonderful, loving home! The dogs learned a lot of great skills that allowed them to open up and become the best pups they can be, helping break the stereotype about shelter dogs and “bully” type dogs. Thank you so much again to Dolly’s Dream Fund for making Dolly’s Dream School a reality.


By. Hannah Shiver


About Dolly’s Dream Fund:

Since 2017, JHS has not used breed labels. If you walk through the kennels or look at our website, you will see “mixed breed” for all of our dogs. Why? We believe that it’s important to know the dog for who they are and not how they look. However, that doesn’t stop some from believing stereotypes and myths about certain breeds that make it difficult to find these dogs homes.  Our “blocky head” friends who look like a “bully breed” are wonderful, loving companions and thanks to Dolly, their dream of finding homes will come true!