Silent Night – an initiative in which people give shelter pets a temporary home for the Christmas holiday – has been a beloved holiday tradition at the Jacksonville Humane Society since 2012. Want to be part of the fun? Stop by JHS between December 20-24 and pick up a dog or cat to foster until December 26!

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We’re happy to share that our partners at Animal Care & Protective Services are joining us this year to make Silent Night 2018 a citywide movement. You can stop by ACPS between December 20-23 to pick up a furry holiday houseguest.

Jacksonville, let’s make it a silent night at the shelters in time for Christmas!

Over the last six years, we’ve seen Silent Night result in countless happy “tails.” Participants often adopt their Silent Night foster pets or find homes for them with friends or family. And when pets come back to the shelter, we’re able to learn so much more about them thanks to their foster parents. For example, we might discover that a dog loves children – and cats! This kind of information is invaluable and helps us match pets with adopters.

To help you get in the spirit for this year’s Silent Night, we’d like to share some of our favorite success stories from past Silent Nights.

Lily – Silent Night 2017

Lily came to JHS as a nursing mom with seven kittens, all of whom were quickly adopted once they were old enough. Lily, who had been found as a stray, was still at JHS waiting for a home when Silent Night rolled around. The family who took her home for the holidays bonded with her and quickly decided Lily wouldn’t be returning to JHS. They made the adoption official a few days after Christmas!


Gumby – Silent Night 2016

Long-timer Gumby had been in the shelter system for nearly a year and got a much-deserved break from his kennel thanks to his Silent Night mom, who was in the Navy and unable to go home for Christmas. As luck would have it, the day Gumby left the building for Silent Night was his last day at JHS! A friend of his foster mom fell in love with him, and Gumby’s adoption was finalized on December 26.


Alfred – Silent Night 2016

Alfred – an older, FIV+ cat who had been at JHS for about 90 days – was the last feline left in the building on December 22. Thanks to his Silent Night family, Alfred was able to spend Christmas in a home snuggling with his very own little boy!


Zaine – Silent Night 2015

In 2015, we got the most beautiful gift when Hannah came in and selected Zaine, our longest timer, as her Silent Night foster dog. Zaine had been in the shelter system for 355 days when Hannah stopped by to take him home for the holidays. Thanks to Hannah, we learned more about Zaine’s personality in a home environment, and he was adopted not long after returning from Silent Night!


Jimmy – Silent Night 2014

When Jimmy arrived at JHS, he wasn’t looking his best, but his Silent Night foster family took him to the groomer and gave him lots of TLC. Check out his before and after photos! After spending time with Jimmy over the holidays, his foster family decided to adopt him. Now named Caesar, this little pup got his Christmas wish.