Three Cheers for Volunteers!

The Jacksonville Humane Society is an amazing place, thanks to a group of amazing people called volunteers! Did you know that JHS has 200 active volunteers who selflessly give their time each week to benefit the dogs and cats? It’s true! Let’s take a look at just a few of the ways they brighten the day for our shelter pets …

1) Administrative Help

We send a lot of snail mail, and receive a lot in return! Volunteers help us with data entry and keeping our envelope situation under control. Admin volunteers also help out at the hospital by returning phone calls and greeting customers. This is one spectacular team!


Looks like desk work has gone to the dogs!

2) Shelter Prep Team

Cleaning up after pets isn’t easy but our volunteers make it fun. The Shelter Prep Team is responsible for deep cleaning our kennels and changing the bedding. This helps keep our pets healthy – one of the biggest responsibilities at any animal shelter.

volunteerShelter prep team

Caring for animals, one kennel at a time!

3) Dog Volunteers

There are 2 levels to this position. Our volunteers begin with clicker training in the kennels and work their way up to loose-leash walking on property. They also get to help with off-site adoption events!


Dog slobber is part of the dress code!

4) Cat Volunteers

This is a purrfect position for feline fanciers! Our cat team cleans kennels, helps with adoptions and cuddles kitties. They even help with our cats at the Petsmart stores on Southside Blvd. and the St. John’s Town Center.


Check meowt, cat lovers!

5) Photographers

Many folks come to our shelter specifically to adopt pets just based on a photograph. Luckily, we have many wonderful volunteers who take pictures of our adoptable pets to help them find loving families.


Say cheese … or cookie!

6) Foster Parents

Fosters are volunteers who give their time at home. They bring underage puppies and kittens home with them to help them grown big and strong so they can be adopted! Some fosters take adult pets and find them new, loving families so they never come back to the shelter. Fostering is a great way to give back from the comfort of your own home.


Fosters are rock stars!


Volunteers are an amazing support source for the staff and animals at JHS. We couldn’t save lives without them! Thank you to each and every one of our volunteers.

To learn more about how you can join this group, please keep reading…