We Belong Together

In the wake of COVID-19, it’s easy to focus on the negative. The bad news on your news feed, the tragic updates on your tv screen … it can be so hard to avoid. And when we are forced to be alone, one truth becomes painfully obvious – we belong together.

With support from our community, the Jacksonville Humane Society continues to bring pets and people together during these challenging times. From finding homes for pets in need to providing jobs to those without, to keeping pets with their families and performing lifesaving surgery – without you, none of it would be possible.

Here’s a look at some of our favorite stories from the past six weeks in honor of #GivingTuesdayNow, a global day of giving in response to the needs created by COVID-19, that show the importance of finding ways to be together.

Bonnie (now Lexi)


Courtney and Amy were hired at JHS as temporary staff after the restaurant where they worked closed due to COVID-19. While working, they met and fell in love with Bonnie, a brindle pup who arrived at JHS as a stray. When the hold period of seven days went by and no one had come to claim Bonnie, Courtney and Amy knew that Bonnie belonged with them.

There was just one problem … they couldn’t come to JHS to get Bonnie on the day she was ready! JHS staff has been working in split shifts to prevent exposure and ensure that we can continue serving our community. Not wanting Bonnie to wait four more days, we devised a plan to remotely get her in the arms of her new moms by keeping with social distance protocols. Now Bonnie, called Lexi, is in a loving home and provides lots of cuddles to her new family when it is needed most.


When Esmeralda arrived at JHS on April 6th, the outcome was bleak. The long-haired black kitty had a large, gaping wound on her forelimb with a protruding bone. The senior cat was clearly in pain and did not want human contact. Our veterinary team decided that the best course of action was to amputate her leg.

After surgery, ten-year-old Esmeralda was hopping and playing like a kitten again! Her personality started to shine and her desire to be with people was evident with every head bump and gentle purr. A mom-and-daughter duo spotted her on the news and came right over to adopt! Esmeralda now belongs to a loving family.


Mya’s family came to JHS in tears late this March. This family of six had suddenly lost their home. They were able to stay temporarily with family, but dogs were not allowed in the apartment building. They wanted to surrender their sweet dog in hopes that she would have a better life.

Seeing the love between Mya and her family, we knew they belonged together. Thanks to your support, we were able to have Mya temporarily boarded for thirty days while her family secured a new home that allowed dogs. Mya was also spayed, fully vaccinated, and microchipped. When Mya was reunited with her five brothers and sisters – she could barely sit still for the picture!


When COVID-19 began, JHS put out a plea to the community for foster families. Zoey, a JHS volunteer, found herself working from home with plenty of time on her hands and decided to give fostering a try. She met Buster and knew his goofy, sweet demeanor would be a great fit for her first time fostering.

Meanwhile, the Batemans felt ready to add to their family and were searching for a dog to adopt. They did not have any other pets at home, but did need a kid-friendly pup for their 2 boys. Zoey saw the Bateman’s inquiry on Facebook for a pup and so she posted with a picture of Buster and description of his laid-back personality in the comment section. That very same day, the Batemans met Buster and fell in love! It was a match made in heaven as he instantly took to the two young boys.

They made it official – Buster was adopted and was in his new home that very day! The unconditional love from our pets, the devotion of our supporters and the resilience of our community is proof that we belong together.


Do you agree that we belong together? Show your support for our #GivingTuesdayNow campaign. 

For a limited time, gifts of $50 or more that are designated to the “Giving Tuesday Now” campaign will be matched by a generous donor. Click here to give.

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