Jacksonville’s Cutest Pet

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In case you missed it, JHS hosted a photo contest in September titled: “Jacksonville’s Cutest Pet Photo Contest”. This contest provided all Jacksonville pet owners the chance to prove their pet was officially the cutest pet in all of Duval. Each participating pet gathered votes by loving donations provided by their biggest fans. Winners were then selected by the highest number of votes earned.


The top 12 winners of the contest won some pretty cool prizes…


The winning pet earned the title of “Jacksonville’s Cutest Pet”, a digital billboard feature across Jacksonville and a spot on the JHS website throughout 2021. The 11 runners-up earned the title of JHS Spokespet of the Month and are also featured on the JHS website for one month in 2021.


Get to know our Top 12:





Sparky took the lead with a whopping 16,211 votes and earned his spot on a digital billboard! His mom wrote: “We adopted Sparky from Jax Humane Society when he was 10 yrs old. He has been overlooked because of his age, but we’re so grateful to have found him. He has made a world of difference in our lives. He enjoys car rides. He barely has any teeth but still able to devour his food! He zooms all over the house for no reason. He’s the toughest cookie (never whines) but definitely cuddles with you when he knows you need it most. His age (currently 15 yrs old) is, unfortunately, catching up on him (hence, the multiple vet/animal hospital visits recently) but that doesn’t slow him down! He’s family and we love him dearly.”




In second place is Tango! Tango’s mom said: “Tango is a 1-year-old German Shepard. We were so thankful for the opportunity to bring Tango into our family at 4 months old. He loves chasing his tail, and catching frisbees! He makes goofy faces and loves to smile.”


Ruby Baker


Coming in third, is Ruby! Her mom kept it short and sweet and stated: “Ruby is a rescue but I think she rescued me❤️.” Way to go Ruby!




Sliding into fourth is Jessie! Her doggo family said: “Jessie is a sweet, goofy 6-year-old mutt. I got her off Ponte Vedra Swip Swap around 5 months. When she came to me, I had recently lost my first dog I owned as an adult. She loves all animals and enjoys being outdoors!! One great thing about Jess is.. she thinks she is human!! She has been attending Puppy Playhouse for 8 months… and right now she is in 5th grade with them!! Jessie is the sweetest pup I have ever owned and she would be great to represent Jax. Humane Society!”




Taking fifth, Carolina! Her mom says: “Carolina and I met at JHS after a friend shared her JHS link with me. She was in rough shape, recently missing an eye, still recovering from heartworm and very timid. That was four years ago. This picture pretty much sums up her personality…a character!”


Mack “Truck” Walls


Next up, Mack! “Mack is a 5-month-old Black Tri Merle Purebred AKC Registered English Bulldog from right here in Jacksonville, FL. His name comes from both myself and my boyfriend working in Logistics and Trucking ( that is how we met) so we named him after the Mack Truck bulldog mascot.”




Following Mack is a purr-ty cool cat named Jaxson! His cat family stated: “We adopted Jaxson (yes, named after this great city) from a shelter in Cincinnati when he was 6 weeks old. The next day, we realized he had the cat flu. After several trips to the ICU, we were told that he only had 24 hours to live. We held him, kissed him, and encouraged him to fight so he could enjoy an amazing life with us in Jacksonville. He miraculously survived! Jaxson is now 6 years old, getting sweeter and cuter every day. He knows no strangers and makes everyone smile. When asked if he expected to win the contest, Jaxson replied “meh, I just want to support JHS”.”




Next up, Zoey! Her family wrote: “Hi! I’m Zoey! I’m originally from California but I now live in Jacksonville. My parents are military so I’m a well-traveled pup! I love getting belly rubs and sleeping in, but my favorite thing is playing fetch!!”




One more cat, Rattatatt! Her family said: “Rattatatt showed up in my yard as a one-year-old stray. She was very shy, and finally began trusting me as I lured her with yummy treats. Three years later, she now lives with me, always sleeping at the foot of my bed every night without fail. She’s wild and tiny, but a tiny force with the sweetest little meow :)”




Now Benny, another incredible JHS alumni! His mom wrote: “Benny is the face of No Kill Jacksonville. If he would have been rescued and brought to City Shelter needing an amputation a year earlier, he would have faced euthanasia because amputations are costly. JHS paid for the surgery and he is the happiest 3-legged dog in the world!”




Number 11, Oliver! His family stated: “Oliver is the most loyal and loving dog. He is very smart, all of his toys are named and you can be in one room and say Oliver find a specific toy and he will go into the other room and get it out of his toy basket. He is a bed hog and would not have it any other way. I love him so much!”




Last, but certainly not least, Moose! His family said: “Moose is a goofy boy that loves to make people smile. His favorite activities are swimming in the pool and going for boat rides. He learned how to dive in the pool this summer! He’s very smart and knows he can only go swimming when he’s wearing his life vest.”

Look out for these adorable pets as they make their debut on the JHS website throughout the year!

We will be hosting this contest again this year, so stay tuned Jacksonville. Generosity breeds joy!