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Did you find a loose dog in Jacksonville?

Did you find a loose dog in Jacksonville? Most loose dogs are lost, which means a family is looking for them. Most lost pets are reunited outside of the shelter. YOU can help the pet get home by using a number of techniques and tools! Download our Free Guide for Lost and Found Pets in Jacksonville and also check out the Lost Pets of Jacksonville, FL Facebook group.

Did you find a cat? Learn more about community cats.

Stray Animals Currently at JHS

All of the pets pictured here were found as strays and brought to JHS. If you have lost a pet, review the profiles below. If you believe one of these is your pet, bring the appropriate ID of the animal and proof of animal ownership to JHS as soon as possible.

Pets have a 6-day stray hold before being released for adoption at JHS. Pets may be pre-adopted while at JHS on their stray hold but will not leave the shelter until the 6-day stray hold period has ended. Some of the pets pictured on this page may have already been pre-adopted or are otherwise unavailable for adoption at this time.

Some pets may be cared for in the finder’s home during the stray hold period, as noted in the pet’s profile. Those pets are not in the shelter and not available for adoption.

Names shown were assigned to animals upon arrival.

Register Lost & Found Pets on Petco Love Lost

This free tool uses facial recognition technology to get pets back home!

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Steps to Take If You Have Lost or Found a Pet in Jacksonville, Florida:

Animal Care and Protective Services:

View lost pets at Animal Care and Protective Services.

You can also check the Animal Care and Protective Services Field Officers Facebook page to view lost pets found in the field.

If you live in the surrounding areas of Duval County, please be sure to check with bordering county animal control offices:

Post your pet as missing on the following Facebook groups and pages:

Use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Nextdoor as tools to tell your friends and neighbors.

Make, print & post flyers using this free tool.

If your pet is microchipped, notify the company and make sure your information is current. If you adopted from JHS recently, your pet was registered with this website.

Did you find a pet with a microchip? Check out this free microchip lookup tool.

For additional assistance, contact the Pet Help Center:

Email: [email protected] • Phone: 904.493.4584

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