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Dogs Playing for Life (DPFL) is a Florida nonprofit with a mission to enhance the quality of life of shelter dogs and increase lifesaving. Dogs Playing for Life brings at-risk shelter dogs to their Canine Center Florida to learn skills that will help them get adopted and live happy lives! Located in North Central Florida on 13 fully-fenced acres, DPFL works with dogs through enrichment and training activities, like playgroups. Jacksonville Humane Society is proud to partner with DPFL.

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What is the DPFL Canine Center?

At DPFL’s Canine Center Florida, each dog is provided extended time out of their kennels to engage in an individual training and behavior plan and interact with other dogs. These plans help set up each dog for success and allow them to learn through play!

Perks of Adopting from the DPFL Canine Center

When you adopt from the DPFL Canine Center, DPFL staff will meet with you and your new dog for a pre-adoption demonstration to show off all the skills your new family member has learned! Once your new pet is home, DPFL provides lifetime follow-up support if needed and will work with you to set your dog up for success at home.

How to Adopt from DPFL

Contact [email protected] or visit the Jacksonville Humane Society front desk to apply to adopt dogs available at the DPFL Canine Center!

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Dogs Available at the DPFL Canine Center:

These dogs are currently at the Dogs Playing for Life Canine Center Florida, located in North Central Florida.

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