School’s…out…for…summer! Well, not quite – but registration is now open for the Jacksonville Humane Society’s 2021 Summer Camp!

Children in rising grades 1-8 are invited to spend part of their summer at JHS learning all about dogs and cats and how to help pets at home and in the community.

Choose from 7 week-long sessions from June through July. Camp days run from 9am to 4pm with extended care available for an additional fee.

Space is filling up quickly, so register now to learn more and reserve a spot for your child. JHS will be adhering to strict COVID-19 protocols to ensure the health and safety of all summer campers.

Registration is also open for our 3-day Ambassadors in Training camp for high school students.

Toilet paper has become a pretty hot commodity over the last several weeks, but did you know the cardboard tubes inside each roll can be just as useful as the paper itself? It’s true!

Cat and dog owners, you can easily upcycle your empty toilet paper tubes into a variety of fun enrichment items for your pets. Today we’re going to show you 5 things you can make for your cat or dog using an empty toilet paper tube.

Ready to get started?

Cat Toys

The cats at JHS love these toys! Some cats like chasing them around, others enjoying playing with and biting at the tabs.

What do you need?

How to make it:
1. Using scissors, make incisions all the way around each end of the tube, about 1″ in length. This will leave you with a circle of “tabs” at the end of each tube.
2. Use non-toxic markers to decorate the tube for your cat.
3. Fold the tabs at each end of the tube down so that they look like spokes on a wheel.
4. That’s it! You can throw the tube for your cat to chase or let them bat it around on the ground.

Mini Food Bomb for Dogs

Food bombs are a great enrichment activity for dogs, as they require pups to use cognitive skills figure out how to reach the deliciousness hidden inside. JHS dog Ember (pictured above) is a big fan!

What do you need?

How to make it:
1. Fold one end of the tube in to close it off (it’s okay if it’s not completely sealed).
2. Drop a spoonful of peanut butter inside the tube.
3. Add a spoonful of wet dog food.
4. Add some small dog treats or some Cheerios.
5. Fold in the other end of the tube.
6. Give to your dog and let them enjoy!

(Tip: You can make larger food bombs using paper lunch sacks!)

Cat Treat Dispenser

Who says we shouldn’t play with our food? This treat dispenser encourages cats to use mental and physical energy to treat themselves.

What do you need?

How to make it:
1. Decorate the tube for your cat using non-toxic markers.
2. Using scissors, poke small holes in the tube (holes should be large enough for a treat to fit through). (Tip: You can use your fingers to widen the holes!)
3. Fold in one end of the tube to close it off.
4. Add treats to the tube.
5. Fold in the other end of the tube.
6. Give to your cat and let them enjoy! Cats can bat the tube around to dispense treats.

(Hint: You could also dry this with your dog!)

Cat Treat Puzzle

Make snacktime fun and engaging with this simple-to-make cat treat puzzle!

What do you need?

How to make it:
1. Using scissors, cut the toilet paper tube into 4-5 rings.
2. Place one ring inside another ring and continue inserting rings until you have a ball (see photo).
3. Add cat treats into the ball.
4. Give to your cat and let them enjoy! Some cats my knock the ball around to try and dispense treats, others may opt to dismantle it entirely! The rings make a fun toy on their own.

Cat Treat Puzzle Board

This treat puzzle board is another great way to keep your cat mentally and physically active at treat or meal time.

What do you need?

How to make it:
1. Using hot glue gun, glue empty toilet paper tubes together to form a pyramid (or your preferred structure).
2. Glue your pyramid to a cardboard base.
3. Add some additional tubes in a vertical position to make the puzzle even more challenging for your kitty!
4. Add treats or dry food to all of the tubes.
5. Time to eat! Cats will have a blast reaching into the tubes to grab some treats.

If you decide to make any of these tube crafts for your pet, we’d love to hear all about it! You can email pictures to us at or just tag @jaxhumane in your photos on Facebook or Instagram.