Ways to Change a Pets Life

5 Ways to Change a Pet’s Life

Change a Pet’s Life Day is January 24 – are you ready to create some change?

We’ve got great news. You can make an instant impact in less than a minute when you support the Jacksonville Humane Society.

There are a variety of ways that you can change the lives of pets who are calling JHS a home-between-homes. Here are just a few of our favorites:

Change a Pets Life Day Adopting

1. Adopting a pet is one way that you can change a pet’s life instantly! Although every animal at JHS receives affection and compassionate care, nothing compares to being in a home with a loving family. A JHS adoption counselor will walk you through each step of the adoption process so that you can bring a new friend home in just a few simple steps. View our available pets!

Change a Pets Life Day Volunteering

2. Interested in lending a helping paw? Volunteering at JHS is a great way to brighten a pet’s day! Whether you are interested in cuddling cats, walking dogs, helping families or just doing what needs to get done, every single minute you spend helping with support a pet in need. Learn more about volunteering with JHS.

Change a Pets Life Day Fostering

3. Fostering a pet is when you temporarily care for them in your home so they can eventually find a permanent placement – it’s one of the quickest ways to change a pet’s life forever. We have a variety of foster programs including medical fostering, kitten and puppy fostering, and a shelter staycation program that gives pets a two week break from the kennels. Interested in fostering pets? Learn more and view the pets who need your support.

pic Jax Humane Society Charity of Choice

4. Donating to JHS makes it possible for us to provide lifesaving treatment and compassionate care to the nearly 9,000 pets that enter our care each year. Your loving donation directly supports changing a pet’s life for the better. JHS is a 501c3 nonprofit and your donation is tax deductible – every year we depend on friends like you to help us save every wagging tail that comes to our door. Sending a gift can be done online using our quick and safe link.

Change a Pets Life Day Donations

5. Do you love online shopping? You can help dogs and cats at JHS by donating items from our wish list! Gifting any of these much-needed goods can provide lifesaving medical supplies, enriching toys, and tasty treats to the pets at JHS to keep them happy and healthy. And you help us save on our bottom line so that we can reserve precious funds for the pets most in need. It’s a win-win! Use our Amazon, Chewy or Walmart links to ship right to our front door.

Changing a pet’s life doesn’t have to be complicated. When you support JHS, it’s easy. Whether you adopt, volunteer, foster, donate or shop, each act of kindness can increase the happiness in the life of a pet… and yours, too!

Remember – generosity breeds joy!

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