There is nothing like the unconditional love given by our pets. ​They show us constant affection, provide us with purpose, and change our entire lives without trying. Now it is time we come together to change their lives with a day of giving for pets in need.

How you can change a life:

Donate – Each donation made with the designation “Change A Pet’s Life Day” will honor this momentous day. Together we hope to fundraise $4,000 for pets in need but need your help to reach that goal. Will you donate to change a pet’s life?

AdoptIn honor of this day, we will be waiving all pet adoption fees in exchange for a pet food donation to the JHS Pet Food Bank! When you adopt, not only are changing the life of the pet you adopt, but you are making space for another homeless pet to have that same opportunity AND with a pet food donation, you are changing the life of a pet in need – tripling your generosity!

VolunteerIf this isn’t your time to adopt, you can always volunteer. Volunteering your time will help our pets get some much-needed socialization, which in turn helps them find their next home. When you volunteer you are making a difference in the lives of many. Will you volunteer to change a pet’s life?

FosterTake it one step further and bring a shelter pet into your home for a temporary stay. Fosters also help other dogs by freeing up resources, so new pups can get what they need and have a better chance of finding their homes. Will you foster to change a pet’s life?

Share your storySharing how you have changed a pet’s life will inspire others to do the same. Please enjoy a few of the stories shared with us below.

Abbey’s story:

“In April 2020, in the midst of the shutdown, we decided to take a chance on a special girl. The staff at JHS called me immediately after filling out the application for Andromeda (now known as Abbey, aka “momma”), she had a sad history and multiple surgeries prior to going up for adoption. During our visit, we were told that she was deemed “semi-feral” and would never be a lap cat. Fast forward almost a year later…. she is the sweetest girl with an amazing personality. She follows her hoomans everywhere and looks after her baby brother like a hawk. We are so blessed and so so happy we took a chance on a special girl. We love our “Momma”.”

Jorja’s story:

“This is Jorja the Destroyer. She had been through 3 owners and the pound when I found her. She is the most amazing and loving dog ever. I thank God every day for the blessing she has been. She has inspired me to donate to the Jacksonville Humane Society any way I can. Her inspiration has led my family to donate to the Pet Pantry as much as possible. Because of our love for her we were able to donate 235 pounds of food this weekend! We love the mission of JHS!”

Widdle’s story:

“This is Widdle, a foster failure from last summer! We have fostered so many kittens but this girl my husband and kids begged to keep! What makes her extra special is when my daughter is frustrated doing homework she comes and sits by her and I see the frustration just go away! The therapy cat!” Widdle’s family also mentioned that they did not think Widdle would make it when they first brought her in. She was very sick and weaker than her littermates. With constant love and perseverance, Widdle made a full recovery and captured the hearts of her foster family. They just knew she was something special!

Fiona’s story:

“I am a single mom of 3, laid off in March due to COVID, and have an autistic child that has delays in social skills. Since adopting Fiona I have felt my depression lifting, I have lost weight being active with her, and my son’s social skills and confidence have increased. He loves talking to Fiona and playing with her. It’s like they understand each other. When I got her she was timid and scared of soda cans opening and brooms, now she is no longer afraid. She sleeps in the bed every night with me and demands her belly rubs. She has completed the circle of love for our family. We may have rescued her but she actually rescued us.”

Goby, Minka, and Cash’s story:

“We adopted Gobi (cat) in 2012 and Minka (smaller dog) in 2015 from The Jacksonville Humane Society! We adopted Cash (larger dog) in 2019 from Florida Urgent Rescue, Inc. These three animals make my life complete and are the best companions. We love them dearly. I’ve been volunteering as a dog walker at JHS since 2017 and love it.”

Change a pet’s life today.

On Thursday, February 28, we held our first of two Paw Partner Lunch and Learn events planned for 2020. This free event included lunch and networking opportunities for business professionals interested in learning more about partnership opportunities with the Jacksonville Humane Society and the importance of corporate responsibility.

Paw Partners is an opportunity for businesses to receive year-round recognition and help raise awareness about programs and services offered at JHS. It is an annual sponsorship (calendar year) that can be customized to fit each business’s unique marketing needs.

A Paw Partnership with the Jacksonville Humane Society includes multiple opportunities for exposure and gives brands and teams chances to participate in events, volunteer, and network throughout the year. Branding with JHS allows companies to benefit from the vast appeal of companion animals. While partnering with us to help raise awareness for our programs, your company can touch the minds and hearts of consumers in a way that drives sales and endears them to your brand. This allows you to give back to the community you are in all while building your brand!

JHS does not receive any state or federal funding. It is only through the generosity of businesses like yours that JHS, a 501(c)(3) organization, is able to provide for the animals in our care since 1885.

Our Paw Partner Lunch and Learn was sponsored by Gemstone Media, full service broadcast and video professionals. Gemstone Media services include long and short form television production, remote and/or studio shooting, green screen, digital content for websites and social media, post production editing, graphic creation, live sports and entertainment television, commercial and industrial production, training and sales videos, live event productions, internal and external marketing, and more.

During the event, we heard from Gemstone Media President Philip Green about the power of video. Philip also emphasized client relations, meeting deadlines, and staying on budget as main features that set Gemstone apart from other production houses. If you would like to know more about the services offered, please call Phillip Green at 904.354.1500 or email!

Next up: Our next Paw Partner Lunch and Learn will take place in October. Stay tuned for the date! In the meantime, if you would like more information about becoming a Paw Partner, please click here or contact Theresa Scordo at or 904.493.4606 to discuss how your business can get involved.

JHS is currently preparing for our annual Mutt March fundraiser, which is part of the Paw Partner membership.

Thank you to current Paw Partner, Gemstone Media, who helped us make this event a success. If you are in interested in sponsoring the next B2B networking event at JHS, please do not hesitate to reach out to Theresa Scordo.


Our feline guest Otis was a hit with the crowd!

Mutt March, Jacksonville’s largest dog walk and pet festival, is coming soon. Register to walk on April 11, 2020 at the Jacksonville Humane Society.

JHS can’t wait to see you and your four-legged friends on Saturday, April 11th as we bark down Beach Blvd and paw-ty in the sunshine. Mutt March helps to raise funds to benefit the nearly 9,000 pets that walk through our doors every year.

This fun-filled day will include:

Anyone who registers online will get our custom wag bag filled with goodies from our sponsors, including plenty of treats and toys for your pup. Wag bags go fast, and registering online is your only chance to secure one!

Who’s ready to march? Join us and raise the “woof”!

To register or donate, visit

Our CEO, Denise Deisler, is here to explain why Mutt March matters to Jacksonville and how you save lives by walking with us!

 Mutt March Presenting Sponsors













On Tuesday, February 25, JHS held our first Pawsitive Planning Lunch and Learn event of 2020. This free event, sponsored by Cypress Trust Company, was open to anyone interested in learning about estate planning, creating a will and appointing beneficiaries, and making plans for pets in case something unexpected happens.

Several local professionals participated in the Pawsitive Planning Lunch and Learn, including Beverly Flanagan, Senior VP and Market Executive from Cypress Trust Company. Cypress Trust Company has been an independent, Florida-based company since 1996. They forge honest and open relationships while creating customized investment strategies, serve as a corporate trustee, personal representative or agent during estate settlement, and as an administrative trustee for clients already committed to an investment plan.

Douglas A. Oberdorfer, Esquire, JHS CEO Denise Deisler, and JHS Board of Directors Vice President Lisé Everly also spoke and answered questions from attendees.

If you would like more information on estate planning with the Jacksonville Humane Society or would like to be placed on the list for future events, please email Theresa Scordo at or call 904.493.4606.

Next up: JHS is hosting another lunch and learn event for business partners in the Jacksonville area on Thursday, February 27, at 11:30am. Click here to RSVP. Sponsored by our partner Gemstone Media, this event will highlight the impact and benefits of the JHS Paw Partners program, which includes access to Mutt March and Toast to the Animals – our large annual fundraising events – plus year-round marketing recognition.

Our next Pawsitive Planning Lunch and Learn, sponsored by Florida Blue Medicare, will take place in October and feature information on Medicare open enrollment along with estate planning. Stay tuned for the date!

Frances – available for adoption! – had a blast working the room.

Like most people, Amanda and her dog Andy’s training journey started at home in their living room. Amanda noticed Andy was very confident and capable; however, he was easily distracted. Amanda signed up for a JHS Puppy Training class, and throughout the class, Andy mastered “sit” and “stay” as well as the commands “come,” “wait,” and “leave it.” After graduating from Puppy Training, Amanda and Andy went on to complete Basic Manners and Advanced Training classes at JHS.

After graduating from Advanced Training, Amanda and Andy were presented with a special award for having completed more JHS training classes than any other owner-dog duo. Why did they stick with JHS classes, and what was their recipe for success?

How did you hear about JHS dog training classes?
Animal Care & Protective Services – where I adopted Andy and Fish (both JHS students) – recommended JHS as one place I could go for positive reinforcement, force-free training.

Why did you chose JHS training classes?
I chose JHS because I liked working with the trainer, and the space was great, and the location was so close to my home. It was just super convenient and well-done.

From each JHS class (Puppy Training, Basic Manners and Advanced Training), what was your favorite aspect of each class?
My favorite aspect of really all three classes was being able to work on different skills in a controlled environment that, at the same time as being controlled and safe, could provide sufficient distraction to replicate real-world situations. It helped Andy generalize what he learned at home into the outside world.

Can you describe Andy’s improvement after each class, starting with Puppy Training?
After Puppy Training: Andy definitely had a much better sit and stay and learned other basic commands.
After Basic Manners: Andy learned how to maintain focus and remain calm while reinforcing his understanding of basic commands.
After Advanced Training: Andy really improved on being able to ignore big distractions and focus on me throughout. He also won the down-stay challenge in our first class! And we kept working on being able to maintain a down-stay for long periods while having distractions presented.

What was your favorite training tip you’ve learned from JHS?
But there are so many! The most important thing that I have found really changed is the way I talk to and encourage my dogs. I learned to really pay attention to my tone of voice and making sure that I sound upbeat and positive and encouraging while asking for a command. There is a difference in how ALL my dogs have responded to me – which is that they have all responded faster and better than if I give an authoritative command.

Have you continued training Andy with the tips you’ve learned from JHS?
Absolutely! Especially with keeping the positivity in my tone of voice and attitude when we are working.

How would you describe the difference in your and Andy’s relationship after completing the classes?
We’ve definitely bonded a lot closer. Training at JHS really gave me and Andy an opportunity to develop our individual relationship.

How do you think the training classes have improved you as a dog owner?
Well, just being aware of more things in general that I’ve learned from JHS has made me a more responsible dog owner. Learning to listen to what my dog is telling me versus label him as being bad has made me a better dog owner because it gives me an opportunity to ask him for a different behavior versus just punishing him, either intentionally through correction or inadvertently through a negative response and attitude.

Amanda and Andy’s tail of success continues from California as they tackle agility courses and the change of scenery. Amanda credits the Jacksonville Humane Society for creating a strong foundation for her and Andy to build upon and highly recommends JHS training classes. She says, “If you want a training facility that creates a safe and positive environment for you and your dog AND teaches you effective training skills, JHS is exactly that.”

The Jacksonville Humane Society is pleased to offer a variety of training classes at different levels. All JHS dog training classes promote positive reinforcement and force-free training. The combination of these methods allows the trainer and dog to have an open line of communication in which the trainer says a command and allows the dog to process and follow it without any outside pressure. The dog is then rewarded with praise, pets or treats! JHS believes practicing these methods creates a fun and tension-free training session.

If you are interested in JHS training classes, visit to learn more.


JHS held its first-ever Paw Partner Lunch and Learn event on Tuesday, October 29, 2019! Dozens of local business professionals attended and learned all about the Jacksonville Humane Society’s Paw Partner program while enjoying a complimentary lunch and behind-the-scenes tours of our facility. The event also focused on the importance of corporate responsibility and giving back to the community you work and live in.

Paw Partners are local businesses that support JHS’s lifesaving mission and help raise awareness about our programs in exchange for year-round recognition and special benefits like marketing opportunities, event access, and more.

What makes this program unique?

Our Paw Partner Lunch and Learn event was generously sponsored by JHS Paw Partner Promo180, a distinctive eCommerce website dedicated to serving companies of all sizes that features thousands of custom promotional products for exceptional business branding. Their focus is on helping business improve their visibility in the marketplace and increasing company recognition. Promo180 currently gives back 5% of every order with promo code JHS!

Program presenters also included Abel Harding, Executive Vice President, North Florida Market President of JHS Paw Partner IBERIABANK and Halli Bruton from Lifestyle Marketing, another JHS Paw Partner that currently manages the JHS website and oversaw our site redesign in 2015.

If you’d like to learn more about the Paw Partner program, email Theresa Scordo at or call 904-493-4606.

The opportunity to sign up to be a 2020 Paw Partner will end on April 1. Due to the success of this first event, we’ll be hosting a second Paw Partner Lunch and Learn on Thursday, February 27, at 11:30 – mark your calendars and click here to RSVP!

Next up: We’re preparing for our Mutt March fundraiser, set for Saturday, April 11, 2020. Mutt March, an annual pet walk and festival attracting thousands of guests each year, is part of the Paw Partner membership! In addition to logo recognition at the event, all Paw Partners receive festival booth space and the opportunity to include promotional materials in wag bags!

Adoptable Huey greeted attendees as they arrived for the Paw Partner Lunch & Learn!

Last week on October 8, JHS held a free Pawsitive Planning Lunch and Learn event for the public that focused on the importance of estate planning, having a will and beneficiaries, and health care options for seniors. Participants also had the opportunity to meet a JHS pup and go on behind-the-scenes tours of the JHS Adoption, Education & Pet Help Center.

A number of local professionals participated in the program, including Douglas A. Oberdorfer, Esquire, Thomas Green from Dedicated Senior Medical Center, and Lisé Everly, the JHS Board of Directors Vice President.

This was our first Pawsitive Planning event but won’t be the last! Due to successful attendance and interest levels, we plan to make this an annual event. Our next Pawsitive Planning Lunch & Learn will take place in February 2020 – stay tuned for the date! If you’d like more information on estate planning with JHS – or if you’d like to be placed on our invitation list for future events – please email Theresa Scordo at or call 904-493-4606.

Next up: JHS will be hosting a lunch and learn event for business partners in the Jacksonville area on Tuesday, October 29, at 11:30 a.m. Click here to RSVP. This event will highlight the impact and benefits of the JHS Paw Partners program, which includes access to Mutt March and Toast to the Animals – our large annual fundraising events – plus year-round marketing recognition.

Huey – currently available for adoption – had a blast greeting all our Pawsitive Planning guests on October 8!

Mutt March – northeast Florida’s largest dog walk and festival – will be here before we know it! We hope to see you and your pup on Saturday, April 13, as we march for the homeless animals of Jacksonville. All funds raised through Mutt March will benefit the more than 8,000 animals the Jacksonville Humane Society will care for this year.

Did you know that our top fundraisers have the chance to win some pawesome prizes? It’s true!

Mutt Marchers who raise $3,000 or more by April 13 will receive a framed certificate, recognition at Mutt March, two (2) tickets to Toast to the Animals, Facebook recognition, and VIP Mutt March passes.

If you can raise $1,500 or more, you’ll receive a framed certificate, recognition at Mutt March, Facebook recognition, and a $50 gift card.

Individuals who raise $500 or more will receive a framed certificate, recognition at Mutt March, Facebook recognition, and a $20 gift card.

Are you on a team? Teams can win prizes, too!

If your team raises $6,000 or more by April 13, you’ll receive a framed certificate, the chance to appear on a local TV news segment, Facebook recognition, a VIP office dog or cat visit, two (2) tickets to Toast to the Animals, and four (4) complimentary Mutt March VIP passes.

Teams that raise $4,000 or more will receive a framed certificate, Facebook recognition, and two (2) complimentary Mutt March VIP passes

And any team that raises $2,000 or more will receive a framed certificate, Facebook recognition, and a $50 gift card.

This year’s Mutt March will be taking place right here at the JHS Adoption, Education & Pet Help Center. We’re even closing down Beach Boulevard for the occasion! If you have not already registered for Mutt March, you can do so online at:

Registration is now open for Mutt March, northeast Florida’s largest pet walk and festival! All proceeds from Mutt March will benefit the more than 8,000 pets we care for each year at the Jacksonville Humane Society.

Mutt March 2019 is set to take place on Saturday, April 13, at the JHS Adoption, Education and Pet Help Center. This year’s walking route will take people and their pups down Beach Boulevard and through the neighborhood surrounding the beautiful JHS campus.

How can you get involved?

The walk:

You can register to walk as an individual or form a team.

Everyone who registers by January 31 will gain access to the Mutt March VIP Room, featuring private check-in, coffee, mimosas, and tasty breakfast treats for both humans and dogs.

Can’t make it on April 13? Register as a virtual walker and raise funds for the animals online!

The festival:

No dog? No problem!

Following the walk, Mutt March attendees will be able to enjoy a pet- and family-friendly festival featuring dozens of vendors, a silent auction, food trucks, a kids’ zone, live music, an appearance by the Purina Pro Plan Performance Team, and more. There is no cost to attend the festival portion of the event.

Check out the Purina Pro Plan Performance Team in action!

The JHS Adoption Center will remain open during Mutt March, so if you’ve been considering adding a new pet to your family, April 13 would be a great day to do so!

Want to be a vendor?

We are still accepting applications for Mutt March vendors. If you’d like to get involved, you can email us at

Silent Night – an initiative in which people give shelter pets a temporary home for the Christmas holiday – has been a beloved holiday tradition at the Jacksonville Humane Society since 2012. Want to be part of the fun? Stop by JHS between December 20-24 and pick up a dog or cat to foster until December 26!

Click here to join our Silent Night Insider List and be among the first to receive Silent Night news and updates.

We’re happy to share that our partners at Animal Care & Protective Services are joining us this year to make Silent Night 2018 a citywide movement. You can stop by ACPS between December 20-23 to pick up a furry holiday houseguest.

Jacksonville, let’s make it a silent night at the shelters in time for Christmas!

Over the last six years, we’ve seen Silent Night result in countless happy “tails.” Participants often adopt their Silent Night foster pets or find homes for them with friends or family. And when pets come back to the shelter, we’re able to learn so much more about them thanks to their foster parents. For example, we might discover that a dog loves children – and cats! This kind of information is invaluable and helps us match pets with adopters.

To help you get in the spirit for this year’s Silent Night, we’d like to share some of our favorite success stories from past Silent Nights.

Lily – Silent Night 2017

Lily came to JHS as a nursing mom with seven kittens, all of whom were quickly adopted once they were old enough. Lily, who had been found as a stray, was still at JHS waiting for a home when Silent Night rolled around. The family who took her home for the holidays bonded with her and quickly decided Lily wouldn’t be returning to JHS. They made the adoption official a few days after Christmas!


Gumby – Silent Night 2016

Long-timer Gumby had been in the shelter system for nearly a year and got a much-deserved break from his kennel thanks to his Silent Night mom, who was in the Navy and unable to go home for Christmas. As luck would have it, the day Gumby left the building for Silent Night was his last day at JHS! A friend of his foster mom fell in love with him, and Gumby’s adoption was finalized on December 26.


Alfred – Silent Night 2016

Alfred – an older, FIV+ cat who had been at JHS for about 90 days – was the last feline left in the building on December 22. Thanks to his Silent Night family, Alfred was able to spend Christmas in a home snuggling with his very own little boy!


Zaine – Silent Night 2015

In 2015, we got the most beautiful gift when Hannah came in and selected Zaine, our longest timer, as her Silent Night foster dog. Zaine had been in the shelter system for 355 days when Hannah stopped by to take him home for the holidays. Thanks to Hannah, we learned more about Zaine’s personality in a home environment, and he was adopted not long after returning from Silent Night!


Jimmy – Silent Night 2014

When Jimmy arrived at JHS, he wasn’t looking his best, but his Silent Night foster family took him to the groomer and gave him lots of TLC. Check out his before and after photos! After spending time with Jimmy over the holidays, his foster family decided to adopt him. Now named Caesar, this little pup got his Christmas wish.