If there’s one thing I know, as a dog, it’s loyalty. To me, loyalty is being faithful and devoted to someone. It means giving someone your attention and respect.


Today, loyalty is also about making the commitment to doing the right thing – and North Florida Sales is doing just that.


Their mission is bigger than beer. The local beverage distributor moves beyond words and puts their loyalty into action by giving back to the community and supporting local organizations, like The Jacksonville Humane Society.


Last week, I had the chance to meet with Craft and Import Sales Manager, Scott Russell. Let’s jump in and see what he has to say about North Florida Sales and their partnership with The Jacksonville Humane Society.

Davi: In three words, describe the company.

Scott: Reliable, Family, Service


Sounds like a barking good place to sniff around! So, what makes North Florida Sales stand out from others in town? 

We have a motto that “Every Case Counts”. Whether we are selling our products to the biggest national chain account or the smallest locally owned restaurant, every single customer is a priority. We take pride in building partnerships with our customers and believe you can see it in the market.


I’m begging for more! What has been the most rewarding part of your role with North Florida Sales? 

Running into consumers out in the market and sharing our passion for all things beer related. Jacksonville has grown to become an incredible beer city. It has been amazing to be an integral part of that growth.


You certainly are a top dog! How does North Florida Sales give back to the community? 

We sponsor numerous charities as well as participate in many community functions throughout the year. The Jacksonville Humane Society has always had a place in our heart and we are happy to be sponsors.


That got my tail wagging! So, how are North Florida Sales and Bold City Brewery working together to support The Jacksonville Humane Society? 

North Florida Sales and Bold City have been long time supporters of JHS. With the release of the new Duke’s Brown Ale 12 packs, Bold City thought it would be great to donate a portion of every 6 pack and 12 pack sold to The Jacksonville Humane Society. We thought it was a fantastic idea and agreed to match their donation.


I’m digging that idea! What is the story behind Duke’s Beer?

Duke was Brian (co-owner’s) boxer when they first opened back in 2008. He would hang out in the taproom and developed a reputation as something of a mascot for the brewery. People would come from far and wide just to see Duke, even bringing their kids to meet him. Sadly, he passed in 2010. Duke was so loved he even got an obituary in the Florida Times-Union. Fortunately, before he died, he was able to be immortalized in the branding for Dukes Brown Ale.


Wow! Duke was a good boy! How do your employees support local pets and people? 

We have held numerous supply drives for JHS as well as meal packing events for the less fortunate at various shelters around the city. We also do many events throughout the year like toy drives and waterway cleanups. In preparation for such events, we don`t hesitate to even hire an agency like The Marketing Heaven, in order to reach as many dog ​​lovers as possible. Community is something we take great pride in and is part of the culture at NFS.


That’s outstanding! Okay. Last question! If you were a dog, what breed would you be?  

Without a doubt, Siberian Husky. Those dogs have great hair and steely blue eyes.


Giving back is among the most important and valuable things a business can do. Our Paw Partners donate their time, talent, services, and more to The Jacksonville Humane Society to help support happy and healthy relationships between pets and people and animals in need.


Don’t forget to visit your favorite retailers to pick up a 12-pack of Duke’s today to support dogs and cats in our community!




Can’t adopt, but looking to spend some time with a JHS pup?

Join the JHS foster family by taking a dog on a “Shelter Staycation.” Anyone 18+ can fill out our questionnaire and schedule an appointment so JHS staff can match you with the best fit. Your furry house guest can stay two nights with you to get the shelter break they deserve.

Curious about the process? Keep reading to hear about Lindsey and Jackpot’s adventures!

Jackpot enjoyed his “Shelter Staycation” with his new pal Lindsey! He got puppuccinos, lots of love, treats, and plenty of walks. Jackpot’s shelter break allowed us to learn new things about him, like how much he loves car rides! The Staycations give JHS pets a chance to let their true personality shine outside of the shelter. Before his Staycation, we had no idea how much he loves adventures and snuggles!

According to a study done by Carrol College, dog’s cortisol levels (stress hormones) dramatically drop after just a one-night foster stay. In between all the walks and love, Jackpot got a chance to decompress and relax. After this rest, Jackpot came back to JHS recharged and ready to find a home! During Jackpot’s break, the JHS staff were able to give more attention to other pets while he snuggled with Lindsey.

Here is Lindsey’s take on Shelter Staycation:

1. Where did you hear about this program?
I follow JHS on social media and have friends who work there. I saw the ad for the new program and immediately sent in my applications.

2. What inspired you to try the program?
I grew up with dogs and I’m a crazy dog person. Even at my job people joke about dogs going by and “oh, Lindsey needs to go on break to pet the dog.” My landlord only allows me to keep animals for a short period of time, so I can’t have an animal of my own. I saw this program and thought it would be a great chance for me to have my “dog fix” as well as giving a pup a chance to have a relaxing weekend.

3. How do you feel about the person/dog matching process? Do you feel like you were accurately matched with a great dog?
YES! Originally I had another dog in mind but she was adopted. My friend at JHS sent me pictures of him and told me how great he was but I didn’t mention him when I went for my appointment. Coincidentally enough, the matchmaker said Jackpot was the first on her list for me to try and I was so confident that he was a great dog for me. He was so well behaved I’m convinced he practiced. Honestly, I couldn’t have asked for a better dog.

4. How was your overall experience during the Shelter Staycation?
I would rate it a 40 out of 10. He was so fun and energetic but polite and quiet when it came to downtime. He was house trained and crate trained and slept through the whole night. We got along perfectly and I was super upset when it was time to go back. He even has such a personality, he’s hilarious! He snores like a real 80-year-old man and rolls his eyes and head butts you when you don’t give him all your attention. He’s the best dog ever.

Lindsey and Jackpot’s successful Staycation have our pups wagging their tails in excitement for new adventures. JHS is excited to add Shelter Staycations to enrich our shelter pet’s lives. We want our pups to feel their best so they can find the perfect family!

For more information or to try the program, visit jaxhumane.org/dogdayout.

Love saves lives – do you agree?

Has your love saved the life of a dog or cat? Has the love from a pet ever saved you?

This Giving Tuesday, December 3rd, 2019, we’re asking you to show the world that you believe in love. By making a donation to JHS in support of love, you will help save …

Heroes like Justin, one of our volunteers who proudly serves in the U.S. Navy. When he was stationed in Jacksonville, Justin devoted more than 1,100 hours to walking dogs in less than a year. He quickly became our go-to guy for helping some of our more challenging dogs. The dogs’ progress with Justin helped them find homes, making him a hero to us all.

Buddies like Kaiya, one of our Pawsitive Readers. Reading to the dogs and cats at JHS helps them relax and provides quality enrichment. Kaiya is here almost every Friday to read to her best buddies – the big dogs in our adoption suites.

Companions like Harry, whose owner, John, brought him to JHS after their home was destroyed by a hurricane. John thought his only option was to surrender Harry to JHS.  Instead, we were able to provide emergency boarding for Harry through our Pet Safety Net program while John found a new home and then reunite them a few weeks later. Now, these two will always be together.

Friends like Audrey and her pals, who come to JHS and take a dog on an adventure with our Dog Day Out program. Not only is this a great way to make memories with friends, but it’s a wonderful enrichment activity for our dogs to help them find new families. Although Audrey can’t adopt a dog right now, sharing the love is lifesaving for the friends in our kennels!

Families like David’s, who chose to adopt a senior, special needs dog. David’s love for his new parents filled them with such joy that they saved another life by adopting a new doggy sister for David named Sadie. David and Sadie now have a family to share their love.

Lives like this precious little kitten, one of the more than 3,000 orphaned babies who arrived at our door in 2019. With the support of foster parents and adoptive families, JHS was able to save the lives of these neonatal cats, who are more at risk than any other animal in a shelter. In saving them, love continues to grow and save both pets and people in our community.

Love is lifesaving. If you agree, please join us on Giving Tuesday and make a gift with love!



It may not be Girl Scout Cookie Season, but this story is just as sweet. 🍪

Meet Girl Scout Troop 2286. When it came time to pick a project for their “Bronze Award”, the girls decided to support animals in their community by making “Pet Starter Packs” for dogs and cats in their communities.

The scouts spent time learning what supplies would be needed, shopping for the best prices and tie-dying the pillowcases. Each pillowcase was transformed into a bag and filled with the supplies a family would need to care for a pet during the first few days in its new home.

The bags had items such as dog/cat food, bowls, toys, litter boxes and scoops, and dog/cat treats. Labels were also attached so we could easily identify which bags were for dogs vs. cats.


Girl Scout Troop 2286 with JHS team member Allie Plummer.
Not only will this project benefit families and pets in our town, but the girls learned many valuable lessons. They researched supplies needed to care for pets, comparison shopped, designed a bag that serves dual purposes as a pillowcase, and even learned how to tie-dye! Perhaps the biggest lesson of all was the joy that comes from helping others.

The project also has another layer – sustainability. According to Troop Leader Débora McCarty, “We are providing a simple flyer to be posted on the Jax Humane Society’s counter, so all who come can see how easy it is to put a bag together. We are also spreading the word on social media.”

Each bag had a label for “dog” or “cat” and supplies inside.
As a local, independent 501c3 non-profit, the Jacksonville Humane Society relies on donations to support our mission. Donations come in all shapes and sizes – some even come in tie-dyed pillowcases. We are delighted that these young ladies chose to support keeping pets and people together. As we say … generosity breeds joy!

If you would like to conduct a similar project, here are the steps to take:

  1. Answer the following questions – how do you care for a dog or cat? what supplies are needed?
  2. Decide how you will purchase the necessary items. Shop around!
  3. Purchase pillowcases and tie-dye.
  4. Make a list of items to go in each bag. Label as dog or cat.
  5. Select an animal shelter in your area and deliver!

More Info:

Find other fun ideas on the JHS Pinterest:

Do you own a local business? Want to support the Jacksonville Humane Society’s mission year-round and help us lead the no-kill movement in Florida? If so, we’d love for you to consider becoming a Paw Partner.

Paw Partners are JHS’s most loyal supporters in our First Coast community. They sponsor our lifesaving work and allow us to provide care for more than 8,000 homeless animals every year.

How can a business become a Paw Partner?

Paw Partners make gifts to JHS between $1,000 and $20,000.

What do Paw Partners receive in exchange for their gifts?

Paw Partners receive recognition throughout the year. These benefits vary depending upon sponsorship level, and we can also customize the perks to fit a business’s needs and priorities. All Paw Partners have the opportunity to reach up to 142,000 potential consumers per month through recognition on the JHS website and social media channels as well as at our annual signature events (Mutt March and Toast to the Animals).

Why should I become a Paw Partner?

Over 60% of households have at least one pet, and over three million dogs and cats are adopted from animal shelters each year. By becoming a JHS Paw Partner, your company will touch the hearts and minds of consumers throughout Jacksonville and beyond and endear them to your brand.

But don’t take our word for it…

Pawsmetics, an all-natural pet care company, has been a JHS Paw Partner for several years. Owner Bob Schafer recently sat down to chat with us about why he initially decided to become a Paw Partner and what inspires him to continue this relationship with JHS year after year.

Video by Gemstone Media.

Click here to become a Paw Partner today!

For questions regarding the Paw Partner program please call Theresa Scordo at 904.493.4606 or email [email protected].