Can’t adopt, but looking to spend some time with a JHS pup?

Join the JHS foster family by taking a dog on a “Shelter Staycation.” Anyone 18+ can fill out our questionnaire and schedule an appointment so JHS staff can match you with the best fit. Your furry house guest can stay two nights with you to get the shelter break they deserve.

Curious about the process? Keep reading to hear about Lindsey and Jackpot’s adventures!

Jackpot enjoyed his “Shelter Staycation” with his new pal Lindsey! He got puppuccinos, lots of love, treats, and plenty of walks. Jackpot’s shelter break allowed us to learn new things about him, like how much he loves car rides! The Staycations give JHS pets a chance to let their true personality shine outside of the shelter. Before his Staycation, we had no idea how much he loves adventures and snuggles!

According to a study done by Carrol College, dog’s cortisol levels (stress hormones) dramatically drop after just a one-night foster stay. In between all the walks and love, Jackpot got a chance to decompress and relax. After this rest, Jackpot came back to JHS recharged and ready to find a home! During Jackpot’s break, the JHS staff were able to give more attention to other pets while he snuggled with Lindsey.

Here is Lindsey’s take on Shelter Staycation:

1. Where did you hear about this program?
I follow JHS on social media and have friends who work there. I saw the ad for the new program and immediately sent in my applications.

2. What inspired you to try the program?
I grew up with dogs and I’m a crazy dog person. Even at my job people joke about dogs going by and “oh, Lindsey needs to go on break to pet the dog.” My landlord only allows me to keep animals for a short period of time, so I can’t have an animal of my own. I saw this program and thought it would be a great chance for me to have my “dog fix” as well as giving a pup a chance to have a relaxing weekend.

3. How do you feel about the person/dog matching process? Do you feel like you were accurately matched with a great dog?
YES! Originally I had another dog in mind but she was adopted. My friend at JHS sent me pictures of him and told me how great he was but I didn’t mention him when I went for my appointment. Coincidentally enough, the matchmaker said Jackpot was the first on her list for me to try and I was so confident that he was a great dog for me. He was so well behaved I’m convinced he practiced. Honestly, I couldn’t have asked for a better dog.

4. How was your overall experience during the Shelter Staycation?
I would rate it a 40 out of 10. He was so fun and energetic but polite and quiet when it came to downtime. He was house trained and crate trained and slept through the whole night. We got along perfectly and I was super upset when it was time to go back. He even has such a personality, he’s hilarious! He snores like a real 80-year-old man and rolls his eyes and head butts you when you don’t give him all your attention. He’s the best dog ever.

Lindsey and Jackpot’s successful Staycation have our pups wagging their tails in excitement for new adventures. JHS is excited to add Shelter Staycations to enrich our shelter pet’s lives. We want our pups to feel their best so they can find the perfect family!

For more information or to try the program, visit

JHS is seeking Storm Troopers to temporarily care for our dogs, cats, and kittens during Hurricane Dorian. Interested families can stop by the JHS Adoption Center between 10am and 5pm on Sunday, September 1, and between 12pm and 4pm on Monday, September 2. Please bring photo ID and enter through our main Adoption & Education Center entrance.

We are asking that families hold pets until at least Friday, September 6. Due to a high call volume, we ask that you message us on Facebook or just come in person. We’re located at 8464 Beach Blvd.

Storm Trooper foster families will be provided with pet food, leashes, and collars.

For additional details, visit

Jacksonville, we need your help! JHS has taken in over 500 kittens in the month of May alone and foster homes are needed to save these little lives. We provide all the supplies, you provide the love! If you’d like to take home a kitten (or several) to foster, please stop by 8464 Beach Blvd. – just look for the entrance labeled Pet Help Center.

No matter how much time you have to give – whether it’s a night or a couple months – you can make a difference.

To learn more, visit:

If you cannot foster, please consider sending the kittens a gift from their online registry!

With kitten season nipping at our paws, JHS is in preparation mode and we need your help! We’re assembling kitten packs that are designed to fulfill every need of a kitten who comes to our shelter without Mama. These include items like milk replacement, bottles and rice socks to keep the babies warm.


We have an Amazon wishlist that has every item we need, including which items are most needed and why. With your kind donation we can get through kitten season together!

If you’re interested in being a potential kitten foster or if a kitten falls into your hands, JHS has a few great tips:

You can also visit our foster webpage for more information on becoming a foster parent.

Last year, more than 11,000 kittens under the age of 5 months arrived at Jacksonville shelters. We can’t save them without your help. Thank you!