Little Bird

Volunteers Needed to Foster Kittens

Every spring, kittens come to our shelter in need of help. A kennel is no place to spend kittenhood, and often these little ones are too young to stay at the shelter overnight on their own. The best option for them? To spend a few weeks in a loving foster home!

Foster parents are volunteers who take home underage kittens and help them grow. When kittens weigh two pounds (at roughly eight weeks), then return to JHS for their spay/neuter surgery and to find new, loving homes!

Foster homes are needed for cats and kittens of all ages, including:

  • Mother cats with nursing kittens
  • Kittens who need to be fed using a bottle
  • Kittens learning to eat on their own
  • Kittens who are fully weaned and eating on their own
  • Kittens who are shy and need lots of positive human interaction
  • Kittens who just need a place to stay for one night!

Sign up today!

From March to November every year, JHS will take in 4,000+ kittens. We need your help to save the lives of these little ones. All supplies and medical care are provided – you provide the love!

Want to know more? Are you wondering… “How long do I foster?” and “Where do I keep the kittens?”

The foster page has all the answers to your frequently asked questions and pictures of kittens who need foster homes right now!

If you cannot foster but would still like to help, please consider sending in a donation from our kitten wishlist! These are lifesaving supplies, like kitten formula, that we use in the shelter every day.

Little Bird
Little Bird, the kitten, has breakfast with the help of her foster mom!

Follow this link to begin the foster sign-up form.

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