Dogs You Wont Get Updated

4 Dogs You Won’t 4-Get

Written by the teen volunteers in JHS’s Humane Heroes program

Have you been thinking about adopting a dog? This is the sign you’ve been waiting for!

The kind, compassionate kids in our Humane Heroes program have been hard at work creating materials to help some of the dogs at JHS find homes. They’ve already designed some PAWESOME promotional posters which you can check out in our Adoption Center, and now they’re taking their mission online in the hope that even more people will be able to see and learn about these barktastic pups.

Callie smiling and wearing a red and black checkered bandana that reads "Free Kisses"


Callie is the snuggly, friendly, and playful dog that you’ve been looking for! Not only is she clever, knowing basic commands, she’s full of life and always ready to play. And no worries about walks – Callie is a patient and chill pup who loves to enjoy the wind on nice strolls. She’s a toy fanatic and can definitely keep herself entertained if needed. LOOK NO MORE…the furry friend of your dreams is right here!

Callie’s adoption is sponsored.

Rossi smiling big up at the camera, his giant brown eyes full of happiness


Meet my boy Rossi! He is a fun, intelligent, and sweet boy looking for his new home. You can be the one who can change it all by adopting Rossi. Come on down to JHS to see this loving dog. Rossi loves treats, toys, walks, and is friendly with people. So please come and adopt Rossi – he needs you!

Rossi’s adoption is sponsored.

Janey with a huge smile on her face, tongue out, having a great time outside


“My name is Janey. I’m an intelligent, playful, and loving girl. I know a lot of basic commands like sit, down, off, and stay. I’m also a quick learner. I love running around and sniffing everything, but I’m also happy to hang inside and get snuggles. I like playing with toys like tennis balls and tug toys, and I’m a big fan of treats. I had a foster mom and she said I’m a doll! I’m so loving and affectionate. I love to play and eat and go crazy snuggling when I lie down! I would love a nice and loving home!”

Janey’s adoption is sponsored.

Mike with a giant smile on his face wearing a dashing purple bandana


This is Mike! Mike’s favorite treats are cookies, and he is motivated by attention from people. He loves snuggles and is also active. Mike also loves to sniff and get pets. Can you believe that he loves to smile? Mike enjoys a good adventure like long walks. Mike also has so much love to give. Mike has been taken out on hikes with a lovely volunteer friend and her daughter and had the best time with them.

Mike’s adoption is sponsored.

If you’d like to meet Callie, Rossi, Janey, or Mike, just stop by the JHS Adoption Center at 8464 Beach Blvd.! We’re open 7 days a week and would love to see you soon.

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