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Charlotte: Jacksonville’s Cutest Pet

Who’s the cutest pet in Duuuval? It’s Charlotte!

Charlotte, a pint-sized mixed breed pup adopted from JHS in 2023, was the grand prize winner of our fourth annual Jacksonville’s Cutest Pet photo contest, sponsored by Subaru of Jacksonville!

Charlotte has earned the esteemed title of the First Coast’s cutest pet and is currently being featured on Clear Channel Outdoor digital billboards throughout Jacksonville. If you spot Charlotte on a billboard, snap a photo and send it to us!

We recently asked Charlotte’s mom, Cici, to tell us a little bit more about Charlotte and the impact she has had on their family. It’s plain to see Charlotte has become not only an integral and joyful part of their household but also a passionate advocate for providing shelter pets with second chances.

1. How did Charlotte come to be in your life? 

Through the amazing people at the Jacksonville Humane Society! We had been waiting for the right dog to come into our lives and she did, thanks to JHS.

2. How has Charlotte changed your life? 

She’s amazing. She completed our family again after the loss of our 15-year-old dog Chloe in January 2023.

3. What are Charlotte’s favorite hobbies and interests?

Well, she’s quite a foodie…and she loves car rides. I mean, she’s obsessed with going in the car. Whenever she hears our keys, she wants to go for a ride. We often take her for car rides just because she loves it so much even when we have nowhere really to go.

4. Does Charlotte have any special talents?

She likes to stand on two legs almost like a little circus dog and get your attention. She is also a jumper. She jumps all over the furniture to the floor and back up again – she’s quite talented.

5. What message do you think Charlotte would want to share with the humans and pets of Jacksonville? 

All dogs and cats deserve loving homes and they’re waiting for the right family to come into their lives and adopt them and complete their family unit. I think she would also like people to know that adopted animals truly make the best family members and pets as they are so appreciative of their homes.

Need even more cuteness in your life? Be sure to check out all the runners-up in this year’s contest. Thank you again to Subaru of Jacksonville for making this fun, impactful event possible.

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Think YOU have the cutest pet in all of Jacksonville? Our fifth annual Cutest Pet Contest will kick off later this year in August – we hope you’ll consider entering!

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