Cutest Pet Contest Winner Collage

Jacksonville’s Cutest Pets of 2023

In case you missed it, this past August JHS hosted our third annual Jacksonville’s Cutest Pet photo contest, sponsored by Subaru of Jacksonville. Our goal? Find the cutest pet in all of Duuuval! Each participating pet gathered votes through loving donations made to JHS by their biggest fans.

Thanks to the support of everyone who took part in this contest, we raised over $33,000 for animals in need. Now that’s something to bark – and meow – about! Generosity truly does breed joy.

The pet who received the most votes earned the title of “Jacksonville’s Cutest Pet” for all of 2023, a feature on digital billboards across Jacksonville throughout January, a professional photo shoot, and spotlights on the JHS website and JHS social media.

The 11 runners-up earned the title of “JHS Spokespet of the Month” and will each receive a month-long feature on the main page of the JHS website.

Ready to get to know our Top 12?

Raja (Grand Prize Winner)

Raja Cutest Pet

“Raja was adopted from the Jacksonville Humane Society in December 2021, weeks after he was found roaming the streets of Jacksonville. Raja did not have an easy first few years and has BB bullets under his skin. Raja was adopted into a home that had been looking for the perfect fur baby and they are so blessed to have found him! He is so loving and snuggly and loves his toys and blankies. He also loves car rides more than anything, with the exception of his family. He is now living his best life and brings so much love and joy to his family every single day.” – Raja’s family


Mango Cutest Pet

“I have one eye, but that doesn’t stop me from being the cutest!” – Mango, with help from his family


Penny Cutest Pet

“Penny is a registered therapy dog with the Alliance of Therapy Dogs. We are involved with North Florida School of Special Education and Pablo Creek Library’s reading program, where kids come in to read to Penny. Penny’s favorite hobbies are running with her dad and eating vanilla ice cream. She also gives free kisses.” – Penny’s family

Teddy Hedy

Teddy Hedy Cutest Pet

“Teddy Hedy was the sweetest, wisest boy. He would come to the office and cheer everyone’s day.” – Teddy’s family


Flynn Cutest Pet

“We adopted Flynn from the Jacksonville Humane Society in August 2021, and he was heartworm positive. They did not know much about him except that he was found roaming the streets. We adopted him practically the same day he arrived at JHS. Everything went well with his heartworm treatment over the next few months. He had some fear issues early on, but now he is a happy and healthy, fun little guy who has a passion for swimming. Long after everyone else is out of the water he will continue throw his toys in by himself, let them float away a bit and jump in after them.” – Flynn’s family


Roquita Cutest Pet

“I adopted Roquita and Trey from Ron and Casey DeSantis after he got elected for Congress in 2012. They had been rescued and were up for adoption. Today they are our Governor and First Lady of Florida.” – Roquita’s family


Uno Cutest Pet

“Uno was one of two in his mother’s last litter. Unfortunately, he was the only one to survive, hence his name – ‘Uno.’ He’s loving and playful and loves Sunday evenings at the park with his owners. He loves belly rubs and chewing on his human sister’s Nike flip-flops for fun. He loves fruit like blueberries and oranges and enjoys bath day as he gets a wonderful rub-a-dub while basking in the Florida heat to dry off.” – Uno’s family


Lilly Cutest Pet

“I’m the sweetest work-from-home coworker… I give a woof with any passing truck… also want to bark when a conference call is going on… I’m an older gal whose had spinal surgery since I’m so long but I will wiggle that butt for cheese!” – Lilly, with help from her family


Bruce Cutest Pet

“Bruce’s owner passed away, and his pack of 18+ Chihuahuas were being given away. Bruce kept looking at me from afar when we came to visit to pick a playmate for our other puppy. He caught my eye and I fell in love with his eyes and his colorful patches of fur. I carried him in my arms all the way home. It took him a while to get used to his new home. He used to wait for our other puppy to finish eating before he licked that same bowl for whatever was left. He didn’t know he had his own bowl. He is now a happy brother to Loki.” – Bruce’s family


Rufus Cutest Pet

“I was adopted from a shelter in Chicago and then got to move around the country several times. When we moved to Florida, my parents adopted my human brother and we became instant friends! I had a ruff life when I was a young pup, but I have had many years of fun and relaxation since then. I love to explore the yard and I take good care of my little mini-Schnauzer sisters. I am getting older and wiser now but am as fun (and photogenic!) as ever. My human brother is very excited that I am entering this beauty contest!” – Rufus, with help from his family


Simon Cutest Pet

“I’m Simon Boy. I’m missing a leg but I’m still very fast and agile! My hobbies include: ‘bopping’ my human parents on the head, purring as soon as I’m picked up, sleeping, cuddling with my brothers and sisters, and screaming at the door until someone opens it – even though I’m NOT allowed outside! I am sweet and cute and perfect!” – Simon, with help from his family


Ziggy Cutest Pet

“Ziggy loves people, cats, babies and, of course, his human mom. Ziggy loves walks, all his neighbors, playing rough with all his toys and car trips. He is very vocal and will tell you about yourself. He is very handsome and has lots of girlfriends and friends.” – Ziggy’s family

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