July 4th

Fourth of July Pet Safety Tips

The fourth of July is a fun holiday for humans, but most of the time it is not a great experience for the pets in our homes. The loud ruckus from the fireworks can disturb dogs and cats causing them to hide in fear or get stuck in “fight or flight” mode. It is important to keep your pets indoors and away from the firework shows. Creating a comforting environment at home is essential to helping your companion through the noisiness of the day and night.

Here are some great ways to support your pet during the fireworks:

Keep windows and doors shut: By keeping windows and doors shut in the room your pet is most comfortable in, you are creating another layer of a sound barrier to lessen the loud noise of the fireworks.

Create a safe hiding place: Whether it is in a dark room or in a crate that is covered with a blanket, some pets just want to hide and get through the night on their own. Allow your pet to hide from the sounds in a dark place where they feel safe until the noise stops, but don’t forget to check on them every so often to make sure they are still okay.

Play background noise: Playing music, white noise, or even having a loud fan running can help your pet. The added sound helps buffer the loud pops and bangs of fireworks. Background noise doesn’t completely cover up the sound of fireworks, but it may help block out some of it.

A tough chew toy: Providing your pet with enrichment like a Kong or a durable chew can help them relieve stress. It will also help keep them busy and distract them from the bothersome sounds.

ThunderShirt: A ThunderShirt is a comforting T-shirt that fits snug to your pet. The compression of the shirt can help calm your pet’s anxiety. If cuddles help calm your furry friend down, this may help them cope with the stressful night.

Conditioning: Allowing your pet to get used to the sound of fireworks by slowly introducing it to them beforehand is a great way to avoid the stress your pet will be feeling on the fourth of July. Start by playing the sound of fireworks at a low volume and over time increase the volume as they get used to it. You can reward them with a Kong or other things to keep them busy while the sound plays. Your pet will slowly desensitize to the sound of fireworks!

Your pet’s safety on the fourth of July is important to consider. All pets are different and could need different methods of comforting. Be sure to allow your pets to get through the noisiness of the fireworks in the way that works best for them!

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