Hot Weather Safety Tips

Hot Weather Pet Safety Tips

Our pets need some extra help during these hot summer days. With high temperatures, the risk of heat stroke in animals and humans is increased. Here are some things to look out for to keep your pet safe and comfortable while the heat is on the rise.

  • Excessive panting: When dogs get hot, they pant through their mouths. When the panting becomes excessive and the animal cannot cool itself down, it is time to head inside. Cats do not normally pant, so if one does start to pant make sure to help them too!
  • Wet paw prints: Dogs sweat through their paws! The only way dogs can release their body heat is from panting and sweating through their paws. If you see wet paw prints, make sure to take your dog to a cooler area.
  • Avoid mid-day walks when temperatures are at their highest: Going outside during peak temperatures isn’t enjoyable for anyone, pets included. Try to avoid taking pets outside during the hottest times of the day.
  • Check the ground temperature: If you are taking your dog out during the hotter times of the day, check the temperature of the sidewalk, pavement, grass, sand, etc.! You can do this by pressing the back of your hand onto the ground. If the ground feels too hot for you, then it is definitely too hot for your pet.
  • Give access to shade and water: If you have a pet outside on hot days make sure that you give them access to a shady area and cool, fresh water. Shade and water will provide some relief from the hot sun.

Keeping an eye on your pets when they are outside in the heat can save them from heat stroke! Look out for abnormal behaviors such as excessive panting and throwing up. Take your pet to the veterinarian immediately if you are concerned that your pet is overheating. Remember to have fun and keep your pets safe!

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