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Keep Your Pets Safe This Hurricane Season

Summer is here, and so is hurricane season! Floridians know how important it is to have a plan in case a hurricane comes our way. When you’re making your emergency preparedness plans, don’t forget your furry family members! There are a few simple ways to keep your pets safe during hurricane season this year, and every year.

Make a plan.

No matter the severity of the storm, having a plan for your pet is crucial. When making your hurricane preparedness plan, recommends:

– Identifying pet-friendly hurricane shelters/hotels in your area in case of evacuation.

– Connecting with family, friends, and neighbors to make sure someone is available to care for or evacuate your pets if you are unable to do so yourself.

– Microchipping your pet in case they become lost during a storm. We also recommend registering your pet with Petco Love Lost, a free reunification tool from our friends at Petco Love. It is free to register. Go to to sign up and create an account for your pets today.

Planning ahead is the best way to keep you and your family (including the four-legged members!) safe.

Pet-friendly animal shelters in Jacksonville:

Chimney Lakes Elementary School

Landmark Middle School

Legends Community Center

Mandarin Middle School

Atlantic Coast High School

Build an emergency kit for your pet.

When it comes to planning for a potential weather emergency, make sure you have all your pet’s basic needs covered with an emergency kit! We recommend having two kits – one larger kit if you are sheltering in place and one lightweight version for if you need to evacuate.

Your pet’s emergency kit should include standard items like food, water, medications, sanitation items, their leash/collar or cat carrier, and your pet’s ID tags and vaccination info. It’s smart to keep a picture of you and your pet in this kit – a photo could help reunite you with your pet if you become separated during an evacuation. We also recommend including comfort items, such as your pet’s favorite blanket, toys, or clothing items that smell like you. These comfort items will help your pet’s stress levels while going through an emergency.

Stay informed.

During hurricane season, it’s important to keep yourself informed on weather conditions and developing storms. Storms can quickly intensify or change paths, so keep your pets prepared just like the rest of your family.

Pets are family. Thank you for keeping yours safe this hurricane season and always!
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