Ruby Jeep Jacksonvilles Cutest Pet

Ruby: Jacksonville’s Cutest Pet

It’s time to get to know Ruby, the grand prize winner of our second annual Jacksonville’s Cutest Pet photo contest! In addition to earning the esteemed title of cutest pet in all of Duuuval, Ruby is currently being featured on Clear Channel Outdoor digital billboards throughout Jacksonville. If you spot Ruby on a billboard, snap a photo and send it to us!

Who better to give us the inside Ruby scoop than Ruby’s doting mom, Mariah? We recently asked Mariah a few questions about her now-famous pup and the impact she’s had on her life and family:

How did you and Ruby find each other?

Ruby came into my life after she lost her mom tragically and her and her siblings were taken in by a local rescue group and we adopted her.

How has Ruby changed your life?

Ruby changed my life because I had also lost my mom tragically and she filled my heart with love when I first set eyes on her, I knew we needed each other.

What does Ruby like to do in her spare time?

Ruby’s favorite hobbies are long rides on the beach in the Jeep with the top off so her hair can blow through the wind! She also loves to snack and nap!

Does Ruby have any hidden talents?

Ruby’s special talents are zoomies and herding her neighborhood friends.

Now that she’s famous, does Ruby have anything she’d like to say to the pets and people of Jacksonville?

Ruby’s message would be to please adopt not shop so that we can all save each other like Ruby saved me ❤️

Ruby Running on the Beach Jacksonvilles Cutest Pet

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