June Pets of the Month Gibbous and Midnight

June 2024 Pets of the Month: Gibbous + Midnight

Thank you to the office of State Farm agent Ron Kutruff for sponsoring our Pets of the Month! Ready to meet them?

State Farm Ron Kutruff Pets of the Month


Meet Gibbous! Wondering where her name came from? Well…those patches around her eyes look a LOT like gibbous moons, don’t you think?

Gibbous’s favorite things include attention, affection, snuggles, and LOVE. We think her paw-fect day would include a long walk with plenty of opportunities to stop and sniff followed by a cuddle session – with YOU!

Gibbous was recently treated to a Dog Day Out with the team at Hyatt Regency. Here’s what they had to say about their new friend:

“Gibbous was absolutely amazing today! She went on a few walks with us and was great on the leash. She was also really great in the car.”

Want to meet Gibbous? She’s waiting for you in her suite in the JHS Adoption Center! Her adoption is sponsored.

Not ready to adopt yet? Gibbous is Dog Day Out-eligible! Dog Day Out is a program in which members of the public like YOU and treat a JHS pup to a field trip. Learn more about Dog Day Out.


Is Midnight a panther? A bat? The inspiration behind Taylor Swift’s album Midnights? We’ll let you decide.

What we know for sure is that Midnight is a sweet, independent guy who loves playing and having fun. He’s a big fan of feather toys, balls, empty toilet paper tubes, and the occasional sprinkle of catnip. Midnight also enjoys exploring and hanging out in cozy spots like boxes and cat tents.

Like most cats, Midnight is almost always up for a nap and a snack. His purr-ferred feline delicacies are Temptations treats and wet food (yum).

Midnight has been feeling a bit shy at JHS and is hoping to find a home soon where he can relax and feel comfortable.

Want to meet Midnight? You’ll find him with his kitty roommates in Group Room 4 in the JHS Adoption Center! His adoption is sponsored.

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