BAFF News Post 2023

Name a Kitten & Your Gift is Matched!

Be a Feline Friend! Donations made now through June 30th, 2023, will be matched and you can send in a name for a JHS cat or kitten.

Did you know that we take in more than 4,000 kittens under the age of five months every single year? MEOWZA! Each one needs nutritious food, compassionate care… and a name!

Our staff gets so exhausted from naming all these babies that we resort back to the basics. Fluffy, Oreo, Mittens and even Kitty Cat. 😔

But now, for the cost of a cup of coffee, you can give a kitten the unique name they deserve! Make a donation today and you can send in a name that we will give to one of the many kittens who come into our care.

Some of our favorite suggestions in the past include:

  • Kitney Spurrs
  • Kurt Meowbain
  • VIC (Very Important Cat)
  • Sir Teddington the Jabot
  • Gator
  • Tabasco
  • Bob the Kitten

and many others!

But wait – there’s more! For a limited time, every donation made in honor of Be a Feline Friend will be matched by a generous donor. That means your donation of $20 is matched for $40, your donation of $50 is matched for $100, and so on. 😊

It’s the purrfect time to give! This match ends June 30th, so act today.

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